I have just spam-proofed the entire website. Now no matter where you post your email spam bots will be unable to identify them. If you don’t believe be just view the source of a page that has an email listed like the contact page.

Also, remember that your emails are always safe with us and we will never sell them or use them to send you junk mail.

5 Thoughts on “spam-proof”

  1. You may also contact chris directly by emailing How did you do it? Can you send me your code? You have my email address since I filled out a contact you form.

  2. Oh fuck, it didn’t come out right. I guess you really do have to look at the source code.

  3. I like how you replaced the characters in email addresses with their escaped form (maybe spam-resistant; not spam proof).

    BTW, the CAPTCHA on the contact page is just a rectangular gray blob:

  4. noname, anonymous… lol, you guys make me laugh.

    @noname: I sent you the code but the email you used bounced back.

    @anonymous: I think it would be very hard for spam-bots to figured out that those are email addresses. Obviously, if it is just a person looking at the site he or she can take my email but then that person could have done that back when I used email[at]collegebeing[dot]com. And, I know the contact page CAPTCHA kinda sucks, but lucky I have not gotten any spam yet. I will get to fixing that later.

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