HP Freshman 15: Winners

The finalists from our HP Freshman 15 contest are as follows: Jace Roscoe:: The other advice I would give would basically be agreeing with someone else, but to be fair, I had the idea before seeing their post. It would be very, very cool to have actual readers doing guest blogging. We wouldn’t restrict that […]

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HP Freshman 15: Quick Update

Due to some concern from some of you about the laptop contest, we will be announcing the finalists between the hours of 10pm and midnight Eastern Time (New York) tonight. This seems to be the best time for everyone with exams and will help many of our international visitors. If you need help with the […]

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5 Hours Left for the HP Freshman 15 Contest

A message to all those that have not yet submitted an entry into the HP Freshman 15 contest: There are now exactly five hours left. At midnight tonight the contest will be over and no more entries will be accepted. The finalists will be announced sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. You may want to RSS feed the […]

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HP Freshman 15: Free Laptop Giveaway

HP is currently conducting a promotion where they will give away 15 laptops through our site and some of our friend sites. We will be giving away a free laptop to one of our visitors within the next couple of weeks. More details will be coming soon so stay tuned. If you cannot wait that […]

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