HP Freshman 15: Winners

The finalists from our HP Freshman 15 contest are as follows: Jace Roscoe:: The other advice I would give would basically be agreeing with someone else, but to be fair, I had the idea before seeing their post. It would be very, very cool to have actual readers doing guest blogging. We wouldn’t restrict that […]

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5 Hours Left for the HP Freshman 15 Contest

A message to all those that have not yet submitted an entry into the HP Freshman 15 contest: There are now exactly five hours left. At midnight tonight the contest will be over and no more entries will be accepted. The finalists will be announced sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening. You may want to RSS feed the […]

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HP Freshman 15: Details

Many of you have been asking about the HP Freshman 15 laptop giveaway College Being and a bunch of other college blogs are partaking in. Our contest starts today and here are the details: The Laptop The lucky winner of this contest will win a new HP Pavilion dv7t series notebook along with a bunch […]

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HP Freshman 15: Free Laptop Giveaway

HP is currently conducting a promotion where they will give away 15 laptops through our site and some of our friend sites. We will be giving away a free laptop to one of our visitors within the next couple of weeks. More details will be coming soon so stay tuned. If you cannot wait that […]

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HP Pavilion dv7t Review

Many of you are interested in a review for the HP Pavilion dv7t laptop we are giving away here on College Being. Here is what we think: Specs Since this is what most of you are interested in, we will put it first so you do not have to read our even-headed ramblings below. LCD […]

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