Beer + Chips = Joy

Cost Plus World Market has been promoting their new Beer Chips recently. They were nice enough to send us a copy. Unfortunately for us, our chip-addicted boss got a hold of the bag! We quickly ordered more from as our local World Market was out. Here are our thoughts: Taste What do they taste […]

Think First!

Belkin Travel Router [Review]

This review is based on a review copy of the Belkin Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router. Before we get to the Belkin Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router, let’s talk about why would you want a travel router? When travelling with friends, you will often run into situations where there is only one Ethernet outlet in your hotel […]

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Where is Joe?

Finding Joe is a documentary about Joseph Campbell, the mythologist known throughout Hollywood for his theories concerning heroes. Through a series of interviews and interpretive scenes, Finding Joe takes you through the Hero’s Journey which can be applied to every day life. In the Hero’s Journey you are the hero and you encounter challenges, fears, […]

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