Beer + Chips = Joy

Cost Plus World Market has been promoting their new Beer Chips recently. They were nice enough to send us a copy. Unfortunately for us, our chip-addicted boss got a hold of the bag! We quickly ordered more from as our local World Market was out.

Here are our thoughts:


What do they taste like? The chips really do taste like beer. It is quite amazing. Also, they taste like honey and well… chips. The chips are thick similar to the organic/natural chips you can buy in health food stores not paper-thin like Lays.


We tried combining the chips with actual beer and that made them taste even better. The sweet flavor of the chips alone was a little too much for me, but with beer, it was a great combination.


If you see these at your local Cost Plus World Market, be sure to pick them up as they are very hard to find. The great flavor will be a great combination for the beer at your next social gathering!

[Editor’s note: While at World Market, we also recommend picking up some of their very low-priced olive oil! And, no this is not a paid review. We just love World Market (and people who send us free stuff).]

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