ULINX Bracelet Contest: Winners


Our ULINX contest was a success. Thanks to all who participated. Here are the winners with their prizes:


“I like the heart symbol. this year I’ve found someone who accepts me for who I am.” -Iz


“Represents everything that makes me happy and content” -Marsha


“The dragon fly one is my favorite. Dragon fly is the most elegant and amazing insect.” -Ning


“I’ve always felt more at home hiking through a sun dappled forest or swimming in a clear calm lake than in the hustle and bustle of a city.” -Nola


“Listening to music is a huge part of my world. I really can’t function without it, at home the radio is on, at work, I’m listening to a different mix everyday. My iPod is my best friend, and my headphones help me connect with my best friend.” -Sabrina

To make your own bracelet like these, visit ULINX Jewelry.com.

Thanks again for everyone who entered! Be sure to stay tuned for more fun contests like this in the future!

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