Start Saving Money with Vonage Mobile

[Full disclosure: College Being has been paid to write the following post.]

Vonage Mobile is a new app available on the iStore and the Andriod Market which allows you to text and call anyone around the world for free or for a low, fixed rate.

You can call/text other U.S. and Canada Vonage Mobile users for free and the app is free to install–that includes both Vonage Mobile app users and Vonage Mobile landline users! It is a great way to save on minutes if you have a good data plan.

You can also make international calls at the lowest rates (about 30% lower than Skype and about 70% lower than cell phone companies).

Get the app now: Free Calling App

How to Install

First, click here from your phone or go to your app store and search for the “Vonage Mobile” app. Make sure it is by Vonage and not another third party.

Once you install the app, you will need to verify your phone number by receiving a free text. That’s it! No need to even sign up for an account if you don’t want to!

You can then use your existing contacts to make calls via Vonage Mobile. Vonage will also show an icon next to the contacts you can call for free via Vonage Mobile.

When your friends call you via Vonage Mobile, your phone will automatically pick up the call using Vonage to save you lots of money.

You can make calls via 3G, 4G, or even WiFi!

To optionally add credit to your account, you can purchase credit in the app using your existing Android or iTunes account / credit card. You can also check your credit any time, right from inside the app. When you make international calls, you will see your current credit and the current rate of the call right from your call screen. How convenient!

To find out more about Vonage Mobile, visit their website:

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