Stay on Budget During the Tough Economy

I hate budgets. As easy as it is to shop online nowadays, one of the toughest things to do is to stay on budget. It seems however that at times budgets are a necessary tool to help us from spending too much money. Here are some ways you can budget that I have had success […]

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Friday Funnies: College Dropout

Proof That College Dropouts End Up Working at 7 Eleven: Here is an example of a fun way to show people what you learned in college middle school. Don’t drop out (Then again, Bill Gates is a college dropout…). [source]

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Firefox Shortcuts to Use to Save Time During Boring Lectures

Here are some smart shortcuts to use in your Firefox to save you some time. Some of them take a little getting used to, but it will seriously make you twice as productive at being unproductive by browsing the web. I have bolded the shortcuts I find most useful. ctrl+t : new tab middle mouse […]

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7 Ways to Get Your Roommate to Leave You

I just moved into my new apartment and met some strange dirty guy that told me he is to be my roommate. If something similar happens to you, you may want to read some of the following tips Chris wrote up about getting your roommate to leave you: Due to the controversy of my 7 […]

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Last Chance to Vote

In continuation to our Are You Voting? and our Don’t Vote! post here is another for those of you that want to make a difference. I received the following email from a strange email address, but the information is still valid. Register and get your absentee ballots now: Last Chance to Register and Vote! In […]

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