– so nothing unexpected ever happens is a website that allows you to completely map out your entire run before you even start. They take into account unpredictabilities such as need to go to the rest room, the sudden urge to stretch, or a place to get aids (the good kind). The website runs off some kind of Google Maps […]

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250 multivitamins

In order to be healthy, everyone should be taking a multivitamin everyday, especially college students. Multivitamins keep you from getting sick, keep your skin healthy, and give you the stuff you need to maximize your body’s potential. Centrum from A to Zinc is my favorite one, but usually goes for 30 bucks at the local […]

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plantronics bluetooth headset

Talking on your cell phone without a headset can lead to brain cancer, and wires are a thing of the pass. Every college student needs a bluetooth headset. I know I say this for almost every product I review but this headset is the best one out now. It is comfortable, has great noise quality […]

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crash tests

On the following website, Consumer Reports tests a multitude of cars for the safety by crash testing them. Why is this important to college students? Well, next time you buy a car, not only should you be concerned with gas mileage, style, or cool gadgets, but you should also be concerned with safety. The site […]

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best ear buds ever by sony

I bought these same ear buds from Best Buy for nearly $70 a few months back, and now you can get them for only $16.00! Simply put, these ear buds are the best ones ever. They are comfortable and have perfect sound (I’m very picky). The cord is just a little awkward at first, but […]

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