Merry Christmas from College Being!

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful College Beings! We wish you all the best in receiving your grades (crossing fingers) and putting up with the family for a few more weeks.

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Site Maintenance

Hello lawful readers. As many of you noticed, a couple of our stories have gone missing in the last couple of days. We are working on getting this issue fixed. Please bare with us and the stories will be back in no time along with this week’s newest stories. Edit: The issues have been fixed. […]

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We Endorse Barack Obama

Like every other popular news source, the editors of College Being endorse Barack Obama. We are doing it just because everybody else is doing it, but if you are more concerned with the issues, here you go: He’s Black Well if you aren’t a racist this is a good thing (if you are racist, you […]

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Lenovo Torch Flash Disk——torch classical collection, definitely unique in the world

As Beijing Olympic Games is approaching, the world community is increasingly concerned about the passing of the Olympic Flame whose conception and inspiration is from orientation traditional design” Lucky Clouds”. It is the first time in Olympic history that it applies design elements of Olympic torch to technical products. The design of this reserve Torch […]

9 Thoughts – so nothing unexpected ever happens is a website that allows you to completely map out your entire run before you even start. They take into account unpredictabilities such as need to go to the rest room, the sudden urge to stretch, or a place to get aids (the good kind). The website runs off some kind of Google Maps […]

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