Friday Funnies: Political Edition

Barak Obama and John McCain both made fun of themselves at the Alfred E Smith Dinner on October 16, 2008. They jokingly point fun at how the media sees them and at their own campaigns. It is nice to remember they are just normal human beings at times. Obama McCain

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ESPN Host’s Super Bowl Ads Fails

Michelle Beadle, co-host of SportsNation on ESPN2, fails at making her own Super Bowl Ads: “This one is also terrible”

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college-being-on-speed week

Hello fellow college beings. I have been receiving quite a few emails telling me that our one or two posts a day is not enough to “quench [your] thirst” as the guy who identified himself as ghoust_rydar says. Due to this high demand, I will sacrifice more of my non-full-time-work time for this week to […]

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Last Day to Register to Vote

Today is the last day to register to vote in California. The deadlines in many other states have already passed. Remember to do your part and vote! If you have never registered to vote before or have changed your address since the last election, you will need to register. Here are the deadlines: Alabama – […]

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Merry Christmas from College Being!

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful College Beings! We wish you all the best in receiving your grades (crossing fingers) and putting up with the family for a few more weeks.

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