The Most Amazing Science Videos: Part 1, The Universe

The following six videos are must-sees. They will increase your knowledge of the universe and are entertaining as hell:

1. Black Holes
Black holes are stars that have condensed themselves to become super-dense. Due to this, objects are able to get very close to them and be pulled into their event horizons ever to be seen again.

2. The Destruction of the Milky Way Galaxy
The leading theory is that in a few billion years, the Milky Way will crash into our neighboring galaxy, the Andromeda Galaxy. Let’s just say that this will not be pretty if we are still living on Earth at that time.

3. Black Holes, Neutron Stars, and White Dwarfs Crashing into Each Other
Unless you are standing on the two crashing objects, it really is quite a pretty event.

4. Newton vs. Einstein: The Biggest Fight of Two Centuries
Since Newton, many people wondered what caused gravity to exist, but nobody could come up with a valid reason. Until Einstein.

5. Crazy Man Building Time Machine
Seriously, this scientist is building his own time machine and has been featured on numerous television networks and programs. I hope he doesn’t kill us all.

6. Man Actually Travels Forward in Time…?
This man claims that he actually traveled into the future. According to Einstein and many of the most substantial theories of our day, it is impossible to travel into the future. It is only theoretically possibly to travel into the past—if you travel faster than the speed of light. Also, he never tells us how he got back.

What do you think of this? I think it’s rubbish.

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Friday Funnies: Mathematicians

Math Beer

Image by dalydose

The following joke was recently featured on, but due to its innocence and our recent controversies over our post titles, we thought we would feature it in this week’s Friday Funnies:

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar. The first one orders a beer. The second orders half a beer. The third, a quarter of a beer. The bartender says “You’re all idiots”, and pours two beers.



7 Mixed Drink Recipes to Get Girls Drunk at Your Next Party

Mixed Drinks

Image by ChrisB in SEA

These mixed drinks are always very popular among the ladies at our house:

Mind Eraser

2 ounces Vodka, 2 ounces Kahlua, 2 ounces Tonic water
In a rocks glass pour vodka, the Kahlua and then the tonic water. Serve with a straw.

Limona Corona

16 ounces Corona (one bottle), 1 ounces Bacardi Limon
Open Corona. Fill the empty space in the neck in the bottle with rum. Plug the bottle with your thumb or the palm of your hand. Turn the bottle upside-down so the rum and beer mix. Return bottle rightside-up. Drink.

110 in the shade

16 ounces Lager beer (one bottle), 1.5 ounces Tequila
Drop shooter in glass. Fill with beer

Snake Bite

8 ounces Lager (1/2 bottle), 8 ounces sweet or dry Cider
Pour ingredients into a pint glass. Drink. Fall over.

Captain Do

1 ounces spiced rum (e.g., Captain Morgan’s), 20 ounces Mountain Dew (a little more than a can and a half)
Put shot in then add soda.

Red Death #2

Absolute Vodka, Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Sloe gin, Triple sec, Orange juice
Pour all the ingredients in mixing glass with ice. Shake and strain into shot glasses.


2 ounces vodka, Mountain Dew, ice
Fill glass with ice add vodka and Mountain Dew.

Tip: 1 shot is about equal to 1 ounce

Remember: When mixing drinks don’t buy the good stuff since it will not make too much of a difference. Save your money for when you are drinking drinks straight up.


Friday Funnies: White People Dancing

Dave Chappelle reemerges from his cave to join with John Mayer and do some experiments on how different races dance to different tunes:

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How to Make Your RA’s Life Easier

Image credit The Eggplant

The following is a guest post by our friend Max Carter from Tales from Your Favorite RA. We personally love his style of a novel-esc writing so be sure to check his blog out!

My name is Max Carter and I am an RA at a small college in Maine. I am often asked by parents what my role is as an RA. What do you do, they ask me. Well, not much. But sometimes I have to clean up messes, break up fights, and even *gasp* write people up for being naughty. (We are not allowed to spank… yet. But I hear that’s one of Obama’s top priorities for 2009. RA spanking: yes we can!) So, how can you make your RA’s life easier? Here are some ways:

Don’t smoke pot…

Don’t smoke pot and try to bunk your beds. If you want to bunk your beds, ask your RA and he or she can get the proper materials for you. In fact, don’t smoke pot in the dorms at all, or the pot-sniffing dogs will sniff you out.

If you are not feeling well…

If you are not feeling well and are able to get to the bathroom, you should be able to make it to the toilet. Seriously. Vomit is one thing; diarrhea is inexcusable.

Don’t try to pick a fight…

Don’t try to pick a fight with anyone within earshot unless you’re really big and strong. Or on PCP. You’re invariably going to get the snot beaten out of you. In fact, don’t try to pick a fight regardless of your size. It just creates a lot of paperwork for your RA and a black eye for you.

Be quiet…

Be quiet after quiet hours start. It’s very simple. If quiet hours start at 10pm on your floor, you probably shouldn’t be banging nails into your walls at 3:30am. And when you’ve waken up all of your neighbors and your RA asks you if it’s you making all the noise, don’t deny it. The hammer in your hand gives you away.

Don’t ask…

Don’t ask your brand new RA if he or she can remind you each morning to take your meds. This is not going to end well for you, your hall mates, or the school. And it puts your RA in an awkward position. And after weeks of not taking said meds, mumbling the phrase “al Queda” while pacing the halls alone is probably going to scare some people.

Keeping your RA is simple. Be respectful of other people and their backgrounds. Colleges – even in Maine – are very diverse. Follow the rules. Clean up after yourself. Break your party up after quiet hours. Seems simple, but a lot of people forget the rules and pay the price. I have two residents right now who are going through AA and doing community service because they got drunk and were too belligerant. Most important rule of all: don’t be stupid.