Top 7 Worst Tasting Beers (That You’d Only Drink in College)

We’ve all tasted cheap beer. You know that toe-curling malt liquor every college student forces down their gullets on Thursday nights. But hey, what’s college for anyways? I get it, you’re a broke student on the verge of splurging next month’s rent on cheap thrills and bad decisions. At the same time, it’s not exactly […]

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Should I Pick a Random Dorm Roommate?

The Thought Process It’s a new day… You’re heading to college, high school and your hometown fading into the background. Women, classes, dorms, partying, and hijinks ensuing. You have a lot on your plate, from the lack of parents for the first time in your life to the course load you’ve decided to take. This […]

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How to Not Get Addicted to Online Gambling

Going off to college provides young adults with the opportunity to try many new things that would probably be considered dangerous or stupid by their parents (even though they did exactly the same things when they were in college). While your days are no doubt spent fueling your repository of knowledge within the vaunted halls […]

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Having a Car in College: Is it Worthwhile?

In one word: no Most college students see their first foray into the real world as a long-awaited bid for freedom. And this is exactly what the image of a car promotes: the freedom to go wherever you want whenever you want to. Unfortunately, most automobiles are more like a ball and chain than a […]

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7 Ways College Students Waste Money

It seems that kids in college have a knack for wasting Mom and Dad’s money (or blowing every cent of a student loan meant to last all semester in the first week of classes). And it’s no wonder, considering that many kids in college are away from home and responsible for themselves (and their finances) […]

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