200 Articles and Counting…

College Being has just gone over the 200-article barrier. This will be the 202nd article on our site. I hope you guys have been enjoying all the totally awesome things we write about.

Here are ten of our top articles thus far (Note: Our About Page, Home Page, and RSS are the most viewed):

10. No Sex Tonight
When one man gets frustrated at his girlfriend’s metaphorical castration, check out what he does!

9. What can make-up do for you?
A great post by our author, Grady Hua. Shows you the difference between some women with and without makeup. It is truly remarkable. Reminds me of a certain Dove commercial.

8. Couples Cheap on Each Other with Each Other
That has got to be a one-in-a-million chance!

7. Teacher Teaches Kid a Lesson
A funny prank a teacher plays on an annoying student. It is a bit long, but read it all. It is funny.

6. Harvard v. RIAA
A news story about Harvard’s current stand-up against the RIAA. Finally someone does it!

5. Grandma, what’s a dildo?
An old lady talks about sex toys… If you can get past the uncomfortable weirdness, it is super funny. This video is not safe for work!

4. Black Sheep: The Greatest Movie of All Time
A hilarious article by Nick Bernard about what seems like a hilarious movie.

3. 50 Hottest Student Bodies
I think this story only became popular because of the words “hot” and “bodies,” but even so, it is very informative. Check out if your school made it.

2. Death Prank
One of the funniest pranks I have ever seen! A Canadian television show, Just for Laughs, makes people think that Death, the person, is right next to them.

1. Lower Back Tattoo Remover
A fake commercial about a lower-back tattoo remover. Very funny!

Bonus: Here are some of our popular Top 7 lists:

7 Porn Movies that Should Have Been, Vol. 1
Let’s just say I got really bored one day and wanted to edit some pictures. Unfortunately, volume 2 never came out. Maybe, some time in the future. This one is also NSFW.

7 Ways to Get Your Roommate to Leave You
If your roommate bothers you more than normal, why not just make him quit being your roommate. Here’s how.

7 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Class
I don’t know exactly why you would like to be kicked out of class. I usually just don’t go to class, but if you want the experience, this one’s for you.

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