5 Reasons Why the MacBook Air Sucks: Macbook Air Parodies

Apple’s newest laptop, the MacBook Air, is being talked about by everybody, though it has some serious issues.

Reason number 1: You can fit it in a manila envelope.

This is the best only selling point of the product. Well, quite frankly, it sucks.

This is the original Apple MacBook Air 30-second ad spot:

Reason number 2: It costs as much as my ten-year-old Jeep Cherokee.

I know I paid $300 for my iPod, but come on Apple!


Reason number 3: The old MacBook, the regular one without any Air, also fits in a manila folder.

“Man, we should have tested that out guys.” -Steve Jobs

Parody with awesome music:

Reason number 4: It doesn’t even come with a CD drive!

The MacBook Air does not come with anything but the bare essentials. Be prepared to buy all that other “unneeded” stuff separately. Call me old fashioned, but I kind of need a CD drive on the computers I use. At least I got rid of my floppy already.


Reason number 5: It doesn’t even come with a manila folder.

I don’t even have manila folders to put a MacBook Air in. I guess I will have to go buy some of those separately as well.


P.S.: That song sure does get annoying, huh? Well tell me what you think about the MacBook Air in the comments bellow.

11 Thoughts on “5 Reasons Why the MacBook Air Sucks: Macbook Air Parodies”

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  2. :)) there a more parodies than u think!

  3. I personally enjoy my computer very much. Everything thing about it is great to me… and as for the cd drive not included… I don’t mind. It’s very portable and I only pull out my external cd drive when I need it; not often.

  4. $3000? Why not just buy a high-end desktop AND a cheap ultra-portable (Eee PC or competitor)? That way, you get the best of both worlds: a powerful feature-filled computer and great mobility.

  5. It’s obviously not for you, no need to bash it. For a laptop warrior, it’s spectacular to not have the extra weight, I have no need of the cd drive, and if I do, I can make another machine share it’s drive so I can access it. On the road, I’m telling you brother, it’s genius.

  6. MacBook Air looks beautiful and it isn’t a bad laptop. It only has one USB port it isn’t very durable it only has an 80GB Hardrive though. Go with the MacBook Pro it has a minimum of 200GB of memory for its Hardrive and it has more durability also it has a disk drive and the Air doesn’t, you have to buy that separately and attach it which is an additional waste of USB space and 99$ I’m just saying this so who ever is interested in getting a Mac go Pro. ^_^

  7. The last parody was the best of all.

    But, the Macbook Air isn’t terrible. It’s still a pretty good computer, just seriously overpriced. A lot of people buy it for style, I’ve seen many rich people walking down the street in large groups, all with Macbook Airs. (They’re usually heading to the nearest Starbucks.) It’s light and thin, and good for internet use. And hey…at least it’s got a USB port, for flash drives and shit like that.

    But will I buy it?

  8. MBA is the 1st Mac I’ve got. Within 2 months its mother board and trackpad button were broken, but I had to keep using it until mid-term exams are done. Weird thing is that after Apple Genius replaced the entire Logicboard and reinstalled the OS twice, it is still very slow. They gave me a new one. But during the 4 months I’ve wasted at least 10 hours traveling back and forth to the Mac store during school times. Previously the only hardware problem I had with PC for over 15 years was a broken power supply after 4 years of use. I understand that this model has had particular quality issues, but I regret spending the money (including MS Office, DVD Superdrive, protective coating for keyboard and outer casing, warranty, USB HUB, Ethernet connector) considering that I could have spend far less on that Sony Vaio with all the hardwares including a fingerprint security thingee. Safaree has been crashing more often than my Internet explorer visiting the same sites, which is odd. Many websites do not offer Mac-compatible Applets and video plug-ins.

    I still think that as a first time user of Mac, it is impressive. But my impression had a LOT of negatives. For one thing the OS is overrated! Put it another way, MBA has not convinced me that Mac’s are CLEARLY superior to PC’s the way that my 1st IPOD did relative to all other brands of MP4/5 players.

  9. Even after my repeated explanations my little brother bought a MacBook Air 11 with weak dual core i7 processor, 8gb RAM and 512GB SSD for $1649 and seriously compared to it my similarly priced Sager NP8278 has much better hardware and as far as build quality is considered my Sager’s build quality it is is as good as his MBA. MBA is not for technical people, it is for idiots who know nothing about computer hardware and just run after stupid brand appeal. My sager can play even the most demanding games, thanks to its quad core 4810MQ i7 processor, Nvidia GTX970M graphics card and large 16GB ram while my brother struggles to play any game on his shitty Macbook and the best part my Sager comes with a 6x Bluray Disc burner while on MBA you are stuck without any optical drive. Apple just rips off its customers like anything. I hate Macbooks and advise others to stay away from them. And MacOS is way overrated, my laptop comes with both Windows 8.1 professional and Kali Linux and if I want security I can always use Kali Linux whenever I want. Buying a MBA is like putting your hard earned money in drain.

  10. And I forgot to add the worst part about MacBook Air, it is available in faggy white colour only with equally faggot gloss screen. Seriously I hate laptops which are of white or silvery colour, they just scream that you are a faggot.
    Thanks god I have a Sager which is a badass looking black beast.

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