Time stops at Grand Central Station for five minutes

Last Thursday, the New York comedy group Improv Everywhere played a prank on all those walking through Grand Central Station. The 207 participants completely froze for a full five minutes. Take a look at the video below to see how people react. [youtube jwMj3PJDxuo nolink] [Improv Everywhere]

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Sarah Silverman is Fucking Matt Damon

Sarah Silverman is currently cheating on Jimmy Kimmel with Matt Damon, and decides to compose a song with Damon to finally announce this to the world. [youtube wnVJZkDuVBM nolink]

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Black Sheep: The Greatest Movie of All Time

Yes, that is a sheep eating a man’s face. Courtesy of IMDB. Let me start by saying this: Black Sheep is a movie about genetically engineered, man-eating sheep. If that makes you think “Oh man, what a great idea for a movie!” continue reading. If you think that sounds retarded, skip this article. This movie […]

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Funniest Prank Ever – Pee on You

Alright, the following prank video has nothing to do with college but if you have 40 seconds to spare between classes, you will surely enjoy yourself.

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Grandma, what’s a dildo?

I was recently having a debate with a friend of mine about abstinence-only sex education. So, instead of turning college being into a political site, I will just show you a fun video about an old lady talking about sex toys. Maybe one day teens will be able to obtain factual sexual information in their […]

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