50 Hottest Student Bodies

EmmaIn honor of March Madness, Popcrunch has just put together a list of the 50 hottest student bodies and here it is:

50. Illinois
49. Missouri
48. Pacific
47. Maryland
46. Oregon State
45. Virginia Tech
44. Louisville
43. Indiana
42. TCU
41. Washington State
40. Stanford
39. Iowa
38. Purdue
37. Penn State
36. Oklahoma
35. Nebraska
34. Colorado
33. North Carolina State
32. Michigan
31. Vanderbilt
30. Duke
29. Utah
28. North Carolina
27. Michigan State
26. UNLV
25. Tennessee
24. Ohio State
23. Kentucky
22. Wisconsin
21. Arizona
20. South Florida
19. Washington
18. Alabama
17. University of Miami
16. Kansas
15. Clemson
14. Cal
13. Arkansas
12. Texas
11. Oregon
10. Louisiana State
9. University of Georgia
8. Auburn University
6. South Carolina
5. Ole Miss
4. University of Florida
3. Florida State
2. USC
1. Arizona State

Image by robjtak / Rob

Image by robjtak / Rob

For pictures and explanations of each pick, visit Popcrunch.

12 Thoughts on “50 Hottest Student Bodies”

  1. Thanks for keeping this all on one page!

  2. …unlike that link you gave us

  3. I just saw that article today as well and posted it on our forum. No complaints with any of the schools listed.

  4. The problem with all the Mormon hotties in Utah is that they’re married and pregnant by age 20. Seriously, I’m not even 21 yet and I’m starting to feel like a loser because I’m not engaged or married.

  5. Holy crap, seriously Nick? So if you go into a pub, oh nvm (forgot Mormons…). Where do kids down there meet these hot (sometimes engaged) girls anyways?

  6. At church, of course! Missionaries get home after two years of preaching and (usually) celibacy, and their goal is to get some ass as soon as possible–within the confines of holy matrimony, that is. So they find a young Mormon lady who’s been wasting her time with things that don’t involve pumping out babies, like working and college, and get engaged within six months of meeting.

  7. cal at 14? i’ve partied there many a time and blahhhhhhhh. this list may be off, by a lot. san diego state and cal poly slo should be top 50 for sure

  8. are you stupid?

  9. Hey Ace,

    The Creative Commons license — http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/2.0/deed.en — on this image — http://www.flickr.com/photos/attackcat/490638643/ — means that you can use the image free of charge, but your supposed credit the person, that’d be me, who originally created the work.

    Please feel free to keep the picture up and add a credit or take the image down.


  10. Thank you Rob. Our editor has sent you an email and we have made changes to this older post to accommodate our new system of giving image credit.

    Keep using Creative Commons!

  11. WTF no pics

  12. how is stanford in front of tcu????

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