8 Motivational Movies That Every Student Must Watch

There is never too much motivation needed by students because there are times when things can get a little challenging. So much to get through in a short space of time is what is required. If you have a strong list of motivational and inspirational movies, books or speeches, you might just get through it a bit easier. It can be bibliography movies or just plain old motivation. We’ve got you covered with 8 of the most motivational movies for students to watch.

1. The Greatest Debaters

With Denzel Washington as the director and Oprah Winfrey as the producer, you know it’s going to be a good movie. We all like a true story, because it tells us that it is not hearsay, but everything that happened actually did. This story is based on the life of Melvin B. Tolson, who was a professor and a great poet. He inspired his students to challenge Harvard University at their debate championship. Trust me; you will be very motivated and inspired after this movie.

2. The Paper Chase

Coping with the endless amount of studying can make a student a little despondent. Throw in some everyday challenges to go with that and you might find yourself believing that you cannot do it. This movie is based on the character, James T. Hart, who is a Harvard student. However, he faces many bumps in his road during his first year at Harvard. This student shows you that no matter what stands in your way, with hard work and dedication, you can get anything done. You will definitely find inspiration to finish that apa bibliography after this movie.

3. I am Kalam

We forget sometimes that there are students who have to fight for the right to good education. It is not a given that you have this privilege and it should not be taken for granted. In this movie, the character has to fight for his education and it proves that every child, no matter where he/she is, has the right to a good education. This will help you to appreciate what you have.

4. Freedom Writers

For some students, achieving a high school diploma is a great achievement and sometimes the end of their studies. Depending on what community you are from, going to college and then university might not be an option or even a thought. In this movie, the teacher to high-risk students inspires them to further their education after high school. She is also struggling in her own life with marriage problems and financial stress. This might help you to see your teachers as normal human beings.

5. Legally Blonde

This movie is so hilarious, you might not see the inspiration at first, but if you watch it to the end, you will soon learn that everyone can make it through school. The character in this movie, after being dumped by her Harvard boyfriend, decides to go to Harvard herself. No one expects this sorority girl to even get into this prestigious school, but she does. Then she goes on to break every stereotype associated with schools like Harvard. It’s funny and motivational at the same time.

6. Educating Rita

Many adults are going back to school these days and often get better grades than the younger students. This is because they realize the importance of a tertiary education. Rita works at a blue-collar job and is frustrated with her life. She believes that furthering her education will result in a better life. The challenge for her is that her husband wants her to stop studying, but she moves through this challenge and gets things done. Even if you have some people telling you that you cannot do it, you should do it anyway and prove them wrong.

7. The Blind Side

Another true-life story based on Michael Oher who was adopted by an incredible family. They invited him to stay for a day and then could not let him go. He never had this kind of support in his life and they push and inspire him to become the best. He does succeed and the story will warm your heart to the point of knowing that there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel.

8. Good Will Hunting

If you have not seen this movie before, I encourage you to find it and watch it as soon as you can. It does not matter where you are in life, you can still make your dreams come true. The main character in this movie works as a janitor at MIT, but he is highly intelligent in mathematics and chemistry. He meets a therapist, played by Robin Williams, who inspires him to believe in himself and become the best version of himself.

You can make it through these tough times as a student and become the best in your class. Nothing is beyond you and even if you have to adjust your way of thinking every now and then, you can make it. Even if you look for an apa annotated bibliography maker online, or speak to students who have done it before, you will get that bibliography done. Study hard for that upcoming exam and nothing can stand in your way. These movies show us that nothing is impossible.

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