My First Post: Top Ten Reasons Why You Will Read My Posts

Hi everyone!

This is my very first time writing for Collegebeing. This is very exciting! I guess you are all curious as to who I am, but that will have to wait for another time. For now, I would like to recruit as many readers as possible, and since I enjoy reading Top Ten lists, here is my very own:


You will read my posts because…

10. You have a kind and cherishing heart and would love to nourish a blossoming young writer.

9. You have good taste.

8. You f34r my n4k3d 1337 ski11z.

7. You would like to read good literature but are too lazy to visit the library.

6. You have nothing better to do.

5. I know how to kill you using only diet coke and some cardboard.

4. I can click my mouse 5000 times in under 1 minute.

3. I am the puppet master of the world.

2. I am the closest you can get to ultimate wisdom.

1. I am undeniably irresistible, and you would like some more.

15 Thoughts on “My First Post: Top Ten Reasons Why You Will Read My Posts”

  1. I’m sold. Hope to see some good stuff from you!

  2. “4. I can click my mouse 5000 times in under 1 minute.” Lol.

  3. Thanks! I’m looking forward to seeing some good comments from you!

  4. You’re just jealous.

  5. To clarify, are “naked 1337 skills” 1337 skills that are undisguised, or 1337 skills that occur whilst you are unclothed? Or both?

  6. I’ll leave that up to your imagination ^_~

  7. Oops, that previous post was mine, but I forgot to sign in. Sorry!

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