Are You Voting?

College students are known for being advocates. And we should be. The least amount of advocacy one can do is to vote. So if you are not registered, you may still have time. If you are registered, make sure to get an absentee ballot from your home state. Many states like Massachusetts have all the information online so just search Google for “absentee ballot [home state]”.

If you are still undecided on who to vote for there are one VP debate (this Thursday) and two presidential debates (Oct 7th and Oct 15th) still coming. All debates start at 9pm and last for 90 minutes. Many of the local channels should be showing them so just flip through them when the debate is about to start.

Also, you can check out Google’s In Quotes to find out what each candidate said on any issue. Image by farlane.

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  11. To be clear, Legislator DiRiggi-Whitton did not make this proposal (though the excerpted quote makes it sound as though she did) she is merely relaying what the plan includes. The bill/proposal/plans/funds are from 2009 and have been sitting unused (she took office in Jan of 2012). The inital job was to repair the deteriorating road, which if you look at it from the shoreline is disturbing.Yes the thing should have been thought out better. But let’s not blame her. I know that she is doing her best to make this road safer.

  12. Now that’s subtle! Great to hear from you.

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