5 Tips to keep your skin moisture

Almost every woman is yearning for moist skin and they keep looking for ways to realize their dreams. Are you feeling horrible when your face is covered with oil or your facial skin is too dry that you feel difficult to put on make-up? Are you spending bundles of money on expensive moisture sets or […]

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A Proper Way to Deal with Antagonistic Feelings against France

In order to protest against France who attempted to politicize the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games by impeding the torch relay in Paris and even financing the brutal Tibet insurrectionists who had killed thousands of innocent Tibetans, Chinese people all over the world have stuck together and decided spontaneously to launch a boycott of French goods, […]

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Patriotism among Chinese Students

The recent turmoil caused by Tibet-independence activists trying to disrupt the smooth procession of Olympic torch relay has aroused world-wide attention to China. As a protest to the above action, hundreds of thousands of students abroad initiated demonstrations to protect the torch and to go against their independence activities, from which, Chinese students’ patriotism has […]

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Real-Name System in the Field of E-commerce has been Imperative

Abstract: With the rapid development of society, internet has become an essential tool of more and more people, meanwhile the development of e-commerce is vigorous and unstoppable, which raises concerns about security of the internet society–a virtual society. To keep the security of the cyber world and avoid the fraud through internet, especially through e-commerce […]

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A New Concern for B2B — Registration with Autonym on MadeinChina.com

Abstract: With the remarkable development of internet for decades, B2B (Business to Business), a virtual platform with positive effects for both suppliers and customers, seems to reveal its significance in the administration with low cost and great efficiency. Where the shoe pinches for B2B, however, consists in the risk of the trade on the very […]

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