How to Coax Your Girl Into Anal Sex

By Eric J. Leech, author of Love, Lust, and Relationships and writer for Miyoko Fujimori is a former house dancer who became an international feature entertainer in 1997. After pioneering the hit talk show, Night Calls 411, for Playboy TV, she had a slew of opened doors for television and film roles. Today, she […]

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7 Guy Questions Answered…

By Eric J. Leech, author of Love, Lust, and Relationships In today’s world of feely, touchy, emotional, and politically-correct nonsense, many of the worlds most important questions have been left unsaid, unanswered, unrepresented, or just plain unaccounted for. It is these politically incorrect mysteries that most college guys really want to know. We don’t care […]

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Getting on the Guest List

Let’s face it: getting into the hottest clubs near campus can present a problem for even the most presentable of college students. Dressing to the nines, bringing a bushel of babes, and throwing around a little cash may help to get you in the door, but for the average college student on a budget, these […]

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Inexpensive Dating Ideas for College Students

Dating. There really isn’t much that we sink as much time, effort, and cash into like dating. It is not uncommon for a doe-eyed rube to chance upon a prospective paramour with the best intentions in his or her heart only to find that, hey, this shit’s expensive. So, how does one deftly circumvent one […]

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What to do if You Fall for Someone in Your Dorm

Leon Harris is a writer for Pick Up Artist where you can find great tips and advice on dating. Working the love angle is part and parcel of going to college. You’re finally free of the many restrictions imposed by the parental units and you can spend the night with whomever you please, strike up […]

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