We Endorse Barack Obama

Like every other popular news source, the editors of College Being endorse Barack Obama. We are doing it just because everybody else is doing it, but if you are more concerned with the issues, here you go:

He’s Black

Well if you aren’t a racist this is a good thing (if you are racist, you are probably a Republican anyway). Why? Black people are cool dude. (Yeah we are totally white here… dog…) Well it is either a cool Black guy or some grumpy old man. Plus, who cares about the decisions they make when they are president? In reality we should be voting for who we can stand to watch and listen to for at least four years.

Further reading: Check out College Candy for some pros and cons to the election being over.

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18 Thoughts on “We Endorse Barack Obama”

  1. Agreed. I usually only bring it up when some Obama mryoidmn is talking about how nice it is to have an articulate president again. Without his teleprompter buddy he really is not that much of a better speaker than Bush43. Every third word is uh .As an aside, have you ever seen a White House Press Secretary even close to as horrible as Robert Gibbs? I wonder how that guy got that job.

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