The Complete List of Green Careers

Basically, green careers are those that contribute to preserving or improving environmental quality. The green economy is touching practically every industry you can think of. Many companies involved with wind, solar, biofuels, energy efficiency, and other sectors of the green economy are hiring workers with a host of different skills. Let’s take a look at some of the increasingly in-demand green jobs:


Civil, computer software, electrical, chemical, mechanical, and environmental engineers all have great opportunities in the world of green jobs. Some engineers design and construct wind turbines and solar technologies, whereas others work to expand mass transit systems. Engineers create alternative fuels and the systems that will use them. Civil engineers redesign outdated infrastructure and develop more environmentally sustainable and energy efficient structures for cities and housing projects.

Environmental Lawyer

Environmental law is a growing field. Due to the green movement gaining momentum, numerous laws have been passed to ensure people and companies work to preserve environmental integrity. Environmental lawyers deal with laws that regulate air and water pollution, protect endangered species, enforce environmental codes, and much more.

Construction Manager

Basically, construction managers with green credentials oversee workers constructing green buildings. They also oversee work crews retrofitting existing buildings with solar panels and other types of green technology.

Urban Planner

Due to the increasing popularity of “eco-cities,” governments across the country are asking urban planners to make their communities more environmentally friendly. Many urban planners are laying out cities in ways that accommodate greener lifestyles. These folks determine the best use for land when rebuilding or developing a community.


“Green” architecture minimizes the negative environmental impact of buildings by improving efficiency and using fewer materials, less energy, and less land. Those with green credentials integrate energy-efficient features, including sun-filtering windows and sustainable materials, such as cork floors, into new and existing residential and corporate buildings and factories.

Social Responsibility Officer

People with this job bring their environmental and business knowledge to the task of setting and meeting objectives for sustainability, carbon reduction, and general eco-friendliness. Social responsibility officers work with various departments within a company including marketing, sales, product development, internal auditing, communications, and compliance.

Database Specialist

People with technical expertise in databases and environmental knowledge set up and oversee systems to track, analyze, and report information such as carbon emissions and energy use.


Many companies hire consultants to set sustainability standards, audit supply chains, measure carbon footprints, set environmental programs in place, and communicate these changes to employees.

Green MBA Programs

Green MBA programs are available both on campus and online. Usually, the curricula cover subjects like the marketing of green products, environmental regulations, waste management, and how pro-environmental actions affect profits. Matt Cheney, chief executive for Renewables Ventures, believes green MBA programs service a growing demand. He said, “More and more students are interested in socially responsible business. They want to make a difference, and there is a confidence that business can produce results quickly and significantly.”

College students across the country believe that the green job market holds promise, even in this tough economy. They’re hoping to grab one of the millions of jobs that experts have predicted will be created in the near future. Extensive research is vital when selecting a “green” career path, so do your homework!

Len Dreifort writes about career in software engineering, as well as other careers that can aid the Green Revolution, for Work Coach Cafe.

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