The Best College Campuses for Public Transportation

As any college student knows, public transportation is far cheaper than owning a vehicle. And yet, many cities do not provide adequate or trustworthy forms of mass transit.

Buses are late and they don’t run all the time (which can be rough on students who work nights), subways are often hotbeds of criminal activity, and cabs are just too expensive. But students need to get around just like everyone else, and they’re often on a budget. While riding a bike or walking may be an option (depending on the city), something faster and wider ranging might be required for the collegian on a tight schedule.

So if you’re looking for a college campus that resides in a city with excellent public transportation, here are a few that will fit the bill and get you where you need to go:

5. Loyola University

Loyola University

Image by Alan Chan

This campus in Chicago is lucky for several reasons, the first of which is that the El Train has not one, but two stops within the boundaries of the school (one at each end of campus). Further, student passes are subsidized by the school (to cut costs to students) and trains run 24/7. If the El can’t get you where you want to go, you can take one of the many adjacent buses, which are said to be reliable and can be utilized with a transit pass.

4. Marquette University

This smallish city is not famous for its transportation, housing neither light rail nor subway, but they do have a bus system that residents cite as impressive; and university students get a free pass. Also available to students is the LIMO service (Local Inter-campus Mobile Operation), a shuttle that schleps students around campus and within several blocks.

3. Lewis and Clark College

Leave it to eco-friendly Oregon to provide some of the best mass transit around. The school actually offers a free shuttle system, known as the Pioneer Express, to students on campus. It makes hourly runs to the downtown Portland area as well as stopping at a local supermarket (Fred Meyer). Also available in Portland is the TriMet, a light rail system that claims the prestige of being among the top five most frequented in the country (that’s right, a lot of people use it and they can’t all be wrong). So for students seeking a college that is both eco-friendly and transportation accessible, Lewis and Clark may be it.

2. Boston University

Boston University Green Line

Image by wallyg

The T metro line runs right through this East Coast campus and out into the city, making it pretty popular with students, some of whom even use it just to get across campus to their classes. Those who are disappointed by the 12:30am shutdown in service can take advantage of on-campus shuttles that will ferry students until 4:00am.

1. University of San Francisco

USF - MUNI Shuttle Service

Image by michale

Students of this university have access to passes that will get them on the San Francisco Municipal Railway (also known as the MUNI), as well as city buses. The MUNI is noted as the most used light rail system in the country, and it’s easy to see why, with stops all over the city. Those who want to travel a bit further can also hop on the BART, a train system that runs around the edge of San Francisco and into neighboring communities.

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