Be Aware of Degree Mills and other Online Education Scams

The following post is a guest post by Sheena Freestone. The opinions expressed are of the author. Everyone knows one of the keys to high achievement in life is the completion of a college degree. Whether you obtain your associates, bachelors, masters, or go all the way to PhD, the education and experience you receive […]

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The Best College Campuses for Public Transportation

As any college student knows, public transportation is far cheaper than owning a vehicle. And yet, many cities do not provide adequate or trustworthy forms of mass transit. Buses are late and they don’t run all the time (which can be rough on students who work nights), subways are often hotbeds of criminal activity, and […]

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Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges

Is college worth it? Forbes says, most of the time, no. Unless you happen to make it to the top of their America’s Best 650 Colleges annual list. Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges list is annually updated and one of the many ‘best college’ lists available to prospective undergrad student. It looks to answer the simple […]

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Consumerist’s Most Expensive Universities

Consumerist released a list of the top 25 universities in the U.S. And I thought I went to an expensive school… 1. Sarah Lawrence | $53,166 2. George Washington | $50,312 3. NYU | $50,182 4. Georgetown | $49,689 5. Connecticut College | $49,385 Check out for the remaining 20. Source: College Candy | […]

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