Best Sites to Find College Text Books

Paying for college can be a nightmare. Overinflated prices, dormitory rentals or apartments off campus, a drop in the amount of work for students… that is the reality of university that we are often confronted with when the time comes to apply. What a bleak image it is, too.

While there are scholarships and grants to help pay for the tuition, there isn’t always enough left over for one of the most important items on the list: textbooks. Extremely expensive, books can costs hundreds of dollars a piece. In rare instances, those figures can actually move into the thousands. It is a lot to pay for something you will use for a semester or two and then never open again.

But, as we all know, they are completely necessary. So how can you cut the cost of these books without getting something that is falling apart and covered in unspecified stains? Just check out these five excellent suggestions for getting textbooks for less.


This is the obvious first place to look. They have an entire section dedicated to buying new and used textbooks, as well as Kindle editions that are good alternatives for more high priced hardbacks. Used books can cut the price down significantly, sometimes as much as 75% or more. If you are a Prime member, you can also get free shipping, and of course they have the super saver on items of more than $25.

While they aren’t always the best, has some decent discounts on textbooks, usually in the $10 – $30 off range. Their shipping prices are good, and they have plenty of more hard-to-find titles. Plus, there is a point system that can save you additional money if you have a large order to place, or you are a frequent shopper.

A sister site of eBay, has incredible prices on many textbooks. They have deals that put the prices down as low as 95% off, with very cheap (or free) shipping. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all of their prices will be this low. It is usually part of a promotion or clearance. But even their other deals are much better than you might expect.


If you want to compare before you shop – which is always a good idea – you should check out CheapBooks. They gather a list of the lowest prices from various sellers like the ones above, and give you a rundown. They also buy back textbooks for resell, so you can go through them next semester and just trade in for credits to use on the next class’s textbooks.


If you don’t want to buy, you can always rent. Chegg has a system that lets you rent your textbooks, and you can get them fast with their quick shipping policy. You can also buy and sell reading and class notes, get homework help and find special deals just for students.


It is completely possible to get textbooks for cheap, and occasionally for a small fee. All you have to do is know where to look. So check out the sites above, and start saving money. You will need that cash for Top Ramen later.

Kate S. is a college student who blogs online about educational resources.

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