Cheap Travel Options for College Students

Being away from home at college for the first time is one of the quintessential experiences of growing up, but traveling on your own can be an even more exciting and liberating experience. Whether you’re looking for a cheap ticket home for the holidays or a spring break vacation package, you should be aware of […]

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How To Support Your Spouse While Attending Law School

It all starts out like a dream relationship. You and your spouse graduate from college, get married, and even move into your first house. Your spouse now brings up the idea of going back to school. He has always wanted to be an attorney but put it all on the back burner. Now that things […]

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Be a Little Less Broke with the Right Student Rewards Credit Card

These days, with a sluggish economy and rising prices of, well, everything, everyone could use a little extra cash. But add the cost of tuition, books and beer into an already meager budget, and college students can use a lot more money. Put some cash back in your pocket by finding the best rewards credit […]

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Understanding the value of college

College is a rewarding experience which can also cost a lot of cash. Understanding how to make the most value out of your time in school involves understanding the financial aid available, the importance of employment, and the ways to most appropriate regard your taxes. The value of financial aid: Pell Grants and Stafford Loans […]

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