Diploma Mill Scams: Spotting the Red Flags

The practice of handing out fake diplomas and degrees to people is far from new. In fact, the earliest known diploma mill was exposed in the late 19th century – almost 140 years ago. But it’s not surprising that it’s easier to get tricked into paying for a fake education certificate now than ever before. […]

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Associate’s Degrees Are Worth A Second Look

Over the last several decades an increasing amount of pressure has been placed on college students by parents and academic advisors and educators to forgo the Associate’s degree and instead pursue a Bachelor’s degree. As a recent graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science, I can tell you that when I was in college at a […]

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Free Online College Classes on the Rise: MIT, Harvard, and Coursera

In the economic climate that has been forecasted for many young Americans, it may seem as if the future of the job market and educational system bleak; students are afraid to take out loans and go to school because they don’t know what the job market will be like once they graduate so many don’t […]

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