7 New Skills College Students Must Acquire To Prepare For The Changing Workplace

It is difficult for any educator to prepare a college student for a world that does not exist yet. The world is constantly changing. What hard skills may be in demand now could become obsolete after a few years. Even the best college consultants may find this a challenge. According to this recent report, CEOs, […]

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Snaking your way to the top

So, you’ve finally made it out of college alive. Congratulations….Not! As you walk out of the hallowed halls of your university, scroll in hand, remember that in order to make your mark and grab your destiny, you have to be ready to do what it takes. Get ready to get down and dirty, play rough […]

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Jobs – Is it the Right Fit for You?

Do you wake up every morning and get ready for work wondering how you got here? You want to be doing something else, something you’ve always dreamed about. There’s a feeling that something doesn’t fit right – the ‘stuck in a rut’ feeling. If you have a job that means you spend at least 70% […]

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EQ (Emotional Quotient): Why It’s Crucial for Your Applications

If you’re a college student focused on your studies and GPA, you probably don’t think much of your EQ, but this is in fact something you should think about even before you graduate. EQ or emotional quotient measures emotional intelligence—something some may dismiss as unimportant, holding to the outdated concept that IQ rules all. We […]

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Crime Scene Investigation: As exciting as it is on TV?

As one of the most popular shows on television, CSI has undoubtedly inspired many people to pursue the enticing career of being a crime scene investigator. As exciting as it appears to be on TV, some viewers interested in pursuing a career in crime scene investigation may be wondering how accurate the media’s depiction of […]

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