How to Survive a Ninja Attack

[Thanks Ning] Step 1. Avoid Eye Contact Never look a ninja directly in the eyes. You will become temporarily blinded. The best way to avoid eye contact while still winning the fight is to blindfold yourself. This way you will not be tempted to look into those dark, mysterious eyes of pure evil. Step 2. […]

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The Miracle Beer Diet

We at College Being really love our beer. Tip of the Day: Drinking up to 2 (for women) or 4 (for men) beers a day has been shown to reduce chances of cardiovascular disease and prolong life. [Thanks Joe]

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WTF?: Rogaine on Balls

Here’s something random I found on the Internet to liven up your day: [source]

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The Origin of “Spam”

Many people assume “spam” comes directly from Spam, the so called food item, but in fact it comes directly from the Monty Python skit below. The word was originally referred to by Internet news group users in the 1980s and a decade or so later came into popular culture.

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National No-More-Bush Day

In celebration of President Bush leaving office, students all over the nation have been shaving their bushes. “Whether you like him or not—and I sure don’t—shaving my [bush] is the best thing I could have done to celebrate,” writes Sue Johnson of Boston. Linda told us, “at least my boyfriend will be happy.” Well, I’m […]

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