College Being’s Pick for the Best Superbowl Ads of 2009

Instead of Friday Funnies this week, we bring you our picks for the best Superbowl Ads of 2009. Here they are in almost no particular order:

Best commercial: Hulu is one of our favorite things. So is Alec Baldwin. So completely random…

Coca-Cola: We don’t know WTF is up with the “avatars” but it looks cool.

Coca-Cola Insect heist: Just genius and great special effects.

Pepsi: A similar theme to the above Audi commercial with good music. Stay Forever Young with Pepsi? Something about that doesn’t sound right, but just shut up, drink some sugar, and enjoy. (Watch out for Gumbi!)

Pepsi Max: Just because it’s in a black can and labeled “for men”, it makes me want to buy it.

Bud Light Lime Sphere of Summer: Good concept.

Miller High Life: 1-Second Ad

Audi: The Transporter drives an Audi

Hyundai: Just so random, we had to include it. “It’s Hyundai, like Sunday.” Why not just spell it Hunday then? We don’t think David Abernathy is a real person, but the ad is just touching. We are usually not into retarded commercials, but this one made us laugh. Bad blind date?

Angels & Demons Trailer: Good book. We are looking forward to the action it looks like this movie will hold.

GE: Maybe their stock price is so low because they waste all their money making awesome commercials. “If I only had a brain…”

Worst commercial of the Superbowl: Doritos

Runner-up worst commercial of the Superbowl: Cash4Gold

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23 Thoughts on “College Being’s Pick for the Best Superbowl Ads of 2009”

  1. Very cool post. I liked the Hulu ad too. Alec Baldwin is hilarious. Cannot believe the economy is so bad the Cash4Gold is buying Superbowl ads!

  2. I think the Doritos commercial is from a contest that they held. There were much better ones entered in the contest – that’s a dumb one to have picked.

  3. Alec Baldwin an alien? …I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!1!

  4. Loved the Hulu commercial – how can you not love Alec???? :)

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