Ebay changes causes uproar

Ebay logoTwo new changes to Ebay have caused some users distress. First, Ebay changed their commission rate. They advertised this as a reduction, but in actuality Ebay now charges more for each item sold. Secondly, Ebay has removed the ability to give negative feedback. The thinking behind this was to remove a user’s fear of leaving bad feedback and receiving bad feedback in by the other user in an act of revenge. Many users believe this will just enable sellers to not pay attention to select buyers without fear of receiving negative feedback. Perhaps, instead of getting rid of what made so many users found of Ebay five years ago, the company should find some middle ground.

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  1. One of the serious flaws with the current e-bay feedback system is that it asks the buyer if they have communicated with the seller. We have been left only one withdrawn feedback within our Native American fabric store, but that person had to say yes in order to complete the process, when in fact the first time we knew of this person’s presumed dissatisfaction came with their negative stating our product was false advertising. The product itself was fabric with the LOOK of Native American beadwork. Described in this same manner and selling for only $6.00 per yard, the person purchased one yard and then filled negative saying that they expected real Native American Beadwork for that price. E-bay had me research the person’s name and call them; show them the original pages where two times the item was described as “with the LOOK of”; and although that was withdrawn mutually, the person’s words remain within our feedback. Unless a truly disatisfied customer contact’s the seller so that all avenues can be taken to resolve any problems, then negative feedback will be used as a threshold over the sellers. E-bay’s proposed feedback changes will no longer allow SELLERS to leave any form of negative feedback, only the BUYERS.

    If a person walked up to you on the street and offered you the same items that you are purchasing on e-bay, would you buy them? The only people we have had problems with are those which have not written to us in advance and come to know us. We have a 72% return client selling base and ship around the world.

    Our secondary problem is that e-bay’s PayPal can now deem whether a transaction is “risky” or not, and can withhold payment to the seller until the buyer receives the product and files a positive or 21 days, whichever comes first. E-bay’s PayPal is currently holding for 7 days, those cash funds withdrawn from a buyer’s bank account because the buyer does not have a debit or credit card listed as a secondary back up source of funding. Generally the debit card would be issued on the same money within the same bank that PayPal had withdrawn the cash from. During that 7 days PayPal generates income from those cash withheld and those earnings are not paid to the Seller, who could have invested those money’s themself WITH earning.

    It is no wonder that so many of USA e-bay sellers have been joining a STRIKE that will ensue Feb 18-25th where money’s are pulled from PayPal and stores are closed or shut-down.

  2. Personally, i believe Ebay made a huge mistake. Although their is fear of leaving negative comments out of revenge, being an avid buyer, i believe sellers should be able to leave negative feedback. If someone doesn’t pay, other sellers should know. It is the buyer’s own fault if they do not pay.

    Buy on Ebay responsibly, read things carefully, etc. It is your own fault if you are dissatisfied with an item because you failed to read something properly.

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