Five Mobile Apps That Will Get You Through College

College freshman year can be an overwhelming time; new people, new location and plenty of advanced coursework, projects, deadlines and social obligations. But thanks to mobile technology, everything from studying to timekeeping and even budgeting has become easier and more efficient.

Not sure where to get started? Here are the top five mobile apps that will pull students through college with flying colors:

1. Mental case


[Available on iOS for $4.99]

Flash cards are still a very efficient way to learn, but these days they’re a bit more high tech than the stack of black and white cue cards they once were. Of course, the principle is the same; the virtual flashcards are designed to help students create mental notes and commit important information to memory.

However, with the Mental Case app, the usual text flash cards can be enhanced with images and audio, and can be shown as a slideshow with adjustable timing. Notes taken in class can later be turned into flashcards, and these can then be shared with others via mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

2. Evernote


[Available for free on Android and iOS]

Similar to Mental Case, the Evernote app allows students to take notes in a number of different ways, including voice function. Photos, locations and additional tags can be added to the notes, which can also be shared with friends and fellow students.

The Evernote trunk includes a number of useful classroom tools, and articles, web pages and URLs can be saved and stored in categorized folders, while notes can easily be turned into review sheets.

Because the app is cloud-based students can store as much as they need to without worrying about running out of space or the need to transfer data to another device.

3. Dropbox


[Available for free on Android and iOS]

Students love to compare and share notes or let others view their projects to get feedback or advice. The DropBox app is perfect for all these things as it allows students to upload text files, photos and even videos to the cloud and access them from any mobile device.

These files can also be shared with others who can then access them from anywhere and share their feedback or comments in real time.

4. Pocket Budget


[Available for free on Android and for $2.99 on iOS]

As any student knows, budgeting is a big part of college life. Most students don’t have a lot of money, which makes it all the more important to keep a close watch on finances. The free Pocket Budget app gives students a clear overview of their monthly expenses, income and spending habits.

This makes it easier to see where too much money is being spent and make the necessary changes.

5. Work Organizer

Every college student needs a good strategy when it comes to juggling classes, homework, deadlines and social obligations, because relying on your memory alone means things often slip through the cracks.

With the Work Organizer app students can stay one step ahead of things by tracking homework assignments, project due dates and any upcoming events. Assignments and tasks can be prioritized and marked as in progress, completed or not yet started, which gives you a sense of organization and control.

About the Author: Joyce Del Rosario is a career and education blogger and she is a part of the team behind Open Colleges and InformED, one of Australia’s leading providers of Open Learning and distance education.

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  1. All these are great apps, I personally am a fan of evernote. It works great and does just what I need it to, doesn’t over complicate things.

  2. I like mental case app. My children use this app and its very effective for education.

  3. Hope to see more articles from you, it’s very helpful.

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