Five Tips for a Great Themed College Party

Whether you and your friends are heading to campus early for a midsummer party, or you’re planning the last bash of senior year, throwing an excellent theme party requires some time and patience. Fortunately, throwing such a party doesn’t have to put a deeper hole in your already depleting bank account.

5. Themes

Pick something that is popular with college students right now. One idea is to ask everyone to dress up as a ‘90s cartoon character. Toga parties are also favorites of the college generation thanks to the ever-popular Animal House. If it’s near a holiday, you could also do a Halloween costume party or an ugly Christmas sweater event.

4. Food and Drink

It’s likely that you don’t have a lot of money left to spend, especially if it’s the end of senior year. To make the most of your dwindling funds, ask each of your roommates to contribute a dish and a beverage to the party, and also ask other guests with whom you are close to bring along a dish too. Keep food in accordance with the theme. Serve “eyeballs” (tortellini with black olives in the middle) at Halloween or hold a barbecue for a luau-themed party.

3. Decor

The ambiance of your party will really let guests know that you’re serious about the theme. In between studying and heading to the cafeteria, take a break to make decorations with your room or housemates. Simple snowflakes cut out of paper jazz up a party during the quiet winter semester, while posters from old shows that you love really bring back the vibes of decades past.

2. Entertainment

When you’re throwing a party with a theme from another decade, you want to choose music selections from that time. These could be the most popular songs from each year, or you could play recordings from television shows of that era. In any case, it’s important that the music is something that people like to dance to. You know your friends, so choose songs that represent their style. Most students have a few party games that they love, so have all of the supplies to make an impromptu game. You could also try something different and fun, such as “Pin the tail on the cartoon character” or hang a piñata full of college essentials.

1. Safety Tips

Some college parties tend to get out of control, and you’ve likely heard such stories on the news. Remember, if you are under 21 or have people who are under 21 at the party, you could be in serious trouble if there’s alcohol being served at this event. Even when the crowd is of the legal age, be sure that no one drives home under the influence of alcohol. Ask people to please leave you with their keys as soon as they come through the door.

Theme parties are a fun way to meet new people during freshmen year, and they act as an excellent send off when the time comes to graduate. Of course, as with any party, it’s always important to make safety a number one priority to keep everyone happy.

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