How to Deal With A Terrible Professor

We all know that college classes are hard, but if you have a professor who is difficult to deal with, it can completely hinder your ability to excel in class and can make your college experience even harder. Your college professor is the person who helps you get the education you need to succeed in life, and a difficult professor can put your future success at risk. Lucky for you, there are ways to deal with your terrible teacher!

1. Build A Relationship. If you want to get along with a difficult professor, try building a relationship with him or her. This is your education and you need to be proactive with getting the most out of your college experience. Don’t be shy. By attempting to build a relationship with your professor, you may find he or she becomes easier to deal with.

2. Ask Questions. Having a hard time understanding your professor can negatively affect your learning experience. When you don’t understand the information being taught or the work being assigned because of a challenging teacher, your grade can suffer. When you don’t understand something, ask questions! Only through asking plenty of questions can you excel in a class you hate.

3. Do Your Research. When your professor does nothing to enhance your learning experience about a certain subject, research the subject yourself. The Internet makes it extremely easy to learn about almost anything, and it can make for a great study aid. If you are having difficulties understanding a certain subject due to a difficult teacher, the Internet can be a major grade saver.

4. Form Study Groups. If you are stuck suffering through a class, chances are other people in the class are in your same position. Talk with people in your class and discuss the possibility of arranging a study group. Forming a peer-to-peer group can be a great way to get more out of class (and a fantastic social experience).

5. Drop The Class. If you have a really difficult time dealing with a horrendous professor and you realize you just can’t deal with it, you may want to consider dropping the class. Dropping the class should be a last resort after you have made every attempt possible to deal with a difficult professor, though. If you know you will not get anything out of the class, you are wasting time and endangering your grade point average.

Dealing with an obnoxious professor can be a trying situation. Of course you want to do well in all of your classes, but that can sometimes be impossible if a class is taught by a difficult professor. But we promise if you follow the above suggestions, you’re bound to make the most of your semester!

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  1. This is so true Jessica! Networking with other students before you choose your class is a good way also. Find college social networks and join conversations about professors beforehand!

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