Friday Funnies: Smelly Skunk

There was this man and his wife who had gone abroad on holiday and had a great two weeks. At the end of the holiday they had two animals that they wanted to bring back to the U.K.: a snake and a skunk.

They were trying to figure out ways of getting them through customs and into the U.K., without getting caught. The snake was no problem. The wife just suggested he put it down the front of his trousers and if customs said anything, he should just say that he was well endowed. Problem solved.

But they just couldn’t decide on where to put the skunk. After about five hours and getting nowhere the husband just said, “Look, there’s only one thing for it, you’ll just have to put it inside your knickers,” to which the wife replies, “Yes, but what about the smell?”

And the husband says, “Well if it dies, it dies.”

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  1. Jestem pod uczuciem Oby tak dalej!

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