7 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Class

1. Have a friend continuously call you on your cell phone and refuse to put it in silent mode. Say there might be an emergency, and you always miss your calls when the cell phone is silent. Alternatively, you could choose to answer one of the calls and pretend to be a valley girl.

2. Spontaneously scream out non-sense words and if anyone asks if you have Tourette’s, say no.

3. Every five minutes, interrupt the professor and ask him a question that he just finished answering in his lecture.

4. Start talking to you imaginary friend, Jimbo. If no one pays any attention to you, get into a loud argument with your new friend.

Jump for the best three.

5. Sit in the first row, but instead of paying attention to what the lecturer is saying open up a full page of your favorite newspaper and start reading.

6. Bring in a Nintendo Gameboy or Playstation Pocket and start cracking through the levels of your favorite game. Do not bother turning off the sound as that would distract your game play.

7. Bring a friend and start making out.

Now that you have been kicked out of class, post a comment and tell me what you are going to do.


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  1. I am going to keep making out with my friend from number seven.

  2. haha, this article reminds me back when I was taking a comp sci class, this kid rain out of this huge lecture hall yelling, “the bees, the bees” like from I believe Tommy Boy. The prof of the class, actually thought something was wrong and had our TAs try and find him while everyone else was laughing.


  3. What he said

  4. Great list. I would go to my room and sleep.

  5. Hey guys, Greg505 asked me what I would do so let me tell you. I would get on college being and write more stories for you guys of course!

  6. I did all 7 but number 7 seemed to the most enjoyable .

  7. thx thx this will help me get kicked out of my boring student council cause of a reatded teacher

  8. hid my teachers chalk and erasers and then gave her a treasure map to find them. I ended up getting kicked out of class and a detention(highschool). but it was well worth it when my story appearred in the yearbook…

  9. I had a teacher that was a left-wing hippie, he grew up during the civil rights movement and was really passionate about it. He hates war, Pres. Bush, and all of the new political system.

    I just stood up while he was talking about his views, and told him that George Bush was king, and that was enough to get me thrown out.

  10. Number 5 has never gotten me kicked out before…

  11. Ways for a lecturer to get kicked out of class (I’m a lecturer)

    Arrive without pants
    Talk in a ‘porn’ voice
    Arrive drunk
    Vomit from a hangover
    Go to the wrong class
    Lecture the wrong subject

  12. @Hennie: This is too hilarious. Thank you!

  13. Is there any way to get a high school student kick out of her avid class perminatly with out
    -effecting her grade
    -involving parent
    -most be under pg13

    i hate my avid class and want a way to get out of it perminatly

  14. That was hilarious!!!! I did every single one of those. I got suspended… almost expelled! LOL! I’m going to keep doing those and hope I get expelled! My school sucks.

  15. OMG thanks!!!! Now I’m going shopping with my friends haha :)

  16. i hav tired most of these and with my experiance the best three wud b da bring a friend, gameboy, and fone……..i lyk da friend 1 best tho

  17. Funny funny stuff! Thanks for posting!

  18. I wet my bed…

  19. Umm after doing number one…I now have to go retake my juinior calculus class…but what the Hell, it was so worth it!

  20. you rock!!1 you should think of more!!1 i got kicked out of sicence
    and get this ….. im the principles daughter hahaha

  21. just in class instead of doing your work get out a peice or paper (working out paper) -but actually isnt
    and just start drawing and have a convo on that paper with your freind.. pisses the teacher off!

  22. 1 time in the 7 grade my friend and i reinacted the suck my balls mr,garrison scene from the south park movie, bigger longer, and uncut. it was soooo funny.

  23. today i was thrown out of my cost a/c class for readin 3 mistakes of my life i juz thanked my lecturer & started readin again outside de class!!!

  24. wow i did all of them and me and my girlfriend went a bit to far

  25. Man, don’t give them ideas!

    Wanna know the BEST way to not have to attend class? Don’t show up! Or, leave quietly! There are people there who actually WANT to be there, who WANT to get the education they PAID for.

    Not to mention, of course, that in today’s hyper-legalized environment, you are liable for everything you do, and could, indeed, be kicked out of your school for being constantly disruptive.

  26. OMFG!!!
    I did all of them(not number 7 though) && now I’m in sooooo FREAKIN trouble :D worth it though (if ur agirl AND the principles daughter school pretty much sucks)

  27. Oy. High school kids, this is mean to be funny. Get over yourselves. You’re not awesome and your lives are small. Also nobody believes you.

  28. Meant*

  29. i did number 7, but got sent to the principles when things started to heat up, and she took off her shirt. hell, it was fun though

  30. It seems many of the posters here have few principles, seeing as so many can’t even spell Principal’s office…You all sure you’ve been there or are you just complete losers trying to look all rebellious and STUFF?

  31. gonna try #7 2morrow @ school…haha should b funny.
    XD :P

  32. put your arm up in your shirt and ask to go to the nurse cause your arm fell off, start singing she was just a small town girl, sneak out of class while singing the jaws theme, keep asking to open a window, keep asking to go to the bathroom, keep asking to go to the nurse, go to classes that your not supposed to be in, tell the teacher you can’t take the test because your head fell off, tell the teacher you can’t see, tell the teacher you’re too ugly to be in school, compliment the teacher, compliment the teacher on every piece of clothing she’s wearing, draw a penis on her board, draw a penis on her desk, draw a penis on your desk, draw a penis on the floor, write all over your desk, hide under her desk, when she tells you to leave tell her you can’t leave because your legs don’t work and your stuck, get up to sharpen your pencil, get up to sharpen your pencil again, get up to sharpen your pencil a third time, try to give her a hug, try to give her a hug again, try to give her a hug a third time, when she refuses start crying, keep crying, don’t stop crying, insult the kid next to you, especially if it’s a girl, get up to give everyone high fives when they get a right answer, tell the teacher you love her, tell the teacher she’s your new girlfriend, tell the teacher you’re hanging out this weekend, tell the teacher he’s you’re favorite teacher, tell the teacher you’re his new best friend, tell the teacher you’re hanging out this weekend, start singing my milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard and damn right they’re better than yours, damn right they’re better than yours, tell the teacher your milkshakes are better than hers, tell the teacher your milkshakes are better than hers again, tell the teacher your milkshakes are better than hers a third time, start singing i like big butts and i can not lie, the other brothers can deny, when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face i get strung, just a little bit, gimme just a little bit, tell the teacher you a’int no hollaback girl, tell the teacher you a’int no hollaback girl again, tell the teacher you a’int no hollaback girl a third time, tell her to suck your dick, tell her to suck your dick again, tell her to suck your dick a third time. tell her that. if it works, congratulations, you got a blowjob bruhh!

  33. ThEsE ArE AbSoLuTeLy HiLaRiOuS!!!!

  34. High five everyone that raises their hands. works everytime.

  35. hahaha!!! these r ssssoooo funny!

  36. wow…….. some of you people actually want to get expelled? do you want to not be able to get a job, and end up as a hobo on the streets?well……………….. that just sucks for you. but…………. it’s your life and you can do what you want with it.
    and just so you know, I’m not an adult, I’m just a teenager with common sense.

  37. Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

  38. I did #7 with my girfriend…but was expelled for the rest of the year when things heated up…..then we stopped….put like ALL the desks together and like both got angry….went into the girls bathroom and had sex…..now….were in diff skoolz xD

  39. and we have twins :) senior year…here i come! cant wait to do it again…again,…and again!!! =D




  42. ha u all r fuckin stupid..the best way 2 get kicked outta skool is 2 take a spray can bottle.. write ur vice principles or principles name on th wall say they suck..example: BRISCO AND CABBAGE SUCKS!!!………..gets u kicked out after u clean the walls 4 all years,,,haha….then 2 get kicked outta class is…wen ur teacher is havin a sub 4 the day…wrestle with ur best friend..bite the FUCK out of her arm wen she goes tell the sub watch the sub freak out..wen she finds out u did it..and she sayd “U DONT GO AROUND BITING PPL” reply “U DONT KNO ME I MIGHT GPO AROUND ASS NAKED AND U CANT STOP ME” gets u kicked out and spend the rest of the skool year in the vice principles office…and if ur prinicples lyk mine..u might get asked 2 go out 2 his truck with him ;-) if ya kno wat i mean…. IM FROM GHS

  43. I just said what the fuckyou fucking puto

  44. i would leave a note on professors door saying: “Fuck You”
    signed by my friends

  45. OMG I love these! I wish one of my classmates would do one of these…I don’t have the nerve myself:p

  46. This is stupid. If any of you would like to know why school is important not to goof around in, just look at jobs. It goes on your record when you get kicked out. Colleges will think you are a troublemaker and not let you in. I am a teen and EVEN I UNDERSTAND THIS.

    luv hershey

  47. f*** all you guys that dont wanna get in shit. if you wanna get sent out start talking tou yourself loud :) randomly shout out *sh*t* an say you cant help it

  48. Damn my teacher hates me NOW!!!!!!!!

  49. U guys r weird…..but some are funny. the rest are inapropro….get a life

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    this was really funny, but i have a better one. one time when i was little i put my pet chiuaua in my backpack, and it started barking in class. i just kept telling my teacher there was nothing in my backpack, even when it started growling and thrashing. i had my first detention that day…

  50. As a lecturer, I have a very different view to all of you who are trying to give your teachers a hard time. If you really hate your classes, do everyone a favour and don’t go to class. You won’t get credit for a class you don’t attend so your dreams will come true there by not passing that class. Some people are actually interested in the material and the lectures. Have you nothing better to do with yourselves, aside from thinking of ways to getting kicked out of class? Here’s an idea: just don’t show up if you really hate it.

  51. I like number 7 while making out with my grilfriend making out.

  52. umm excuse me, this may be harsh but truth hurts :) everything listed was funny to a certain extent but you should really grow up and get a life for the simple fact that there are people out there that ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT SCHOOL! You really shouldn’t show up to class or even school if you want to get kicked out or expelled!! thankyou :) and happy april fools day and that was so NOT an april fools joke

  53. me and my boyfriend want to get out of geography but the teacher dosen’t seem to care about what we do and is all ways insulting my boyfriend because of his handwriting. is there any thing that we could do that would defonatly get us kicked out of the lesson and get us another teacher. and in reply to what some people have said about the listed things to do people who are wanting to get kicked out all ready have grown up and have lives so would much rather be out living them insted of sitting in a dull class room learning nothing and listening to teachers going on about stuff that will not be apliable to our lives.

  54. Dear Anonymous who wrote the previous posting,

    Based on your grammar, it looks like you should stay in school and pay attention if you want anyone to take you seriously.


  55. hahahah omg this si soo funny … LMFAO…. iamma do all these!!!

  56. Im a pothead i like pussy and i like yours now come suck my dick

  57. I do all of these everyday bc im supa gay

  58. I like to masturbate in class

  59. and cum in my hand

  60. i like pussy

  61. who the fuck are u ”mir” to comment on my spelling, not every one is a nerd or some stupid wierdo that enjoys school like you must do, my grammer is fine and for what I do I don’t need to be able to spell because I wown’t be getting a job which involves lodes of writing and I’m in top set for English, Maths and Science so up yours biatch. and what if I don’t want to pay attention? we should be able to choose what we do with our lives and that should include what we do and that stupid teacher hates me as well because I AM AN EMO and people can’t seem to accept people like me in public schools so I have a good reason for not wanting to be there.

  62. at my school if you don’t turn up to lessons the police get rang and we could end up being put into foster homes and are parents can end up going to prisson for it so I agree with the last anonymous comment because it is harder for some people to fit in then others and even teachers can be right pain in the arses to the kids who are different or have some thing wrong with them such as wieght issues or dislexia

  63. i dont even need to do anything to annoy some of my teachers. the funniest one was probably when we were told to sit down and my friend fell off the chair and i burst out laughing. either that or i broke the chair and shouted that the chair was a wonkey donkey, then said the teacher was hearing things, but my head of year came down the corridor when i got wrong for that one… oops. im an expert at ways to get sent out because id get sent out of lessons every day last year :P

  64. Well.. We had this Gaylord maths teacher and everyone hated her, so, everyone in the class agreed to say “is this too scale?” everytime she talked to them. Haha, we almost made a teacher resign when I wrote
    ‘gary was here’ on absolutely everything in the room, even the scraps of
    paper on the ground. Funny shit that was…

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  66. I “Sit in the first row, but instead of paying attention to what the lecturer is saying open up a full page of your favorite newspaper and start reading.”

    OK so the teacher was starting and Im in 7th grade. So I took out my news paper and started reading it (comics section) I started to laugh and talk out loud. I was sadly sent to the office and I told them “I was reading a newspaper”. Got a day of D/T but it was worth it. (Of course I didnt tell the whole story its too long).

  67. I found your blog on google i thanks for nice info i will comeback another days

  68. I do find these funny to some extent but I would never do these in real life. Having a good job and a good education is important to me but I also respect those of you who hate school and would do anything to get out of it. It’s your choice. *peace*

  69. my friend Maggie is doing this in class

  70. okay so i get bored im in 7th grade and for some reason the kids in my class dislike me and its because of the way i look and my friends say im beautiful so we sat in class and i got a note saying your beautiful to me i thought it was from one of my freinds and so i stood up and screamed that is a straight up damn lie a damn lie from the pits of hell and instantly the teacher grabbed my arm. and since i had a rough day i told her to release me now or she would regret what i would do. and when she didnt belive me i bit her:) and now everytime i need to take a test in her class she sends me out so i just pull the fire alarm come back in and say oops i couldnt do it the voices wouldnt let me:)

  71. i got sent out cos someone was crawling on the floor sticking compasses into people so i stood up shouted ‘shit’ and got sent to my head of progress he asked why i was here i go ‘casey stuck a compass in my leg so i shouted shit’ he goes ‘right becki im phoning your parents’ i got excluded 4 a month . my class found it very amuzing

  72. -Draw pot leaves in class, keep drawing them every day. (got me kicked out of my class! haha)
    – find a way to get theyr cell phone number, then convince them that your an old friend and that you both used to work at the strip club together (did this one to haha)
    – bring a superhero cape to class
    – smoke a blunt
    – draw your teacher getting hung hahahaha
    – refuse to speak to them
    – tell them that your back is broken and that the only way that you can walk is all the drugs that ur doing
    hahaha i have done some of these got me to sit in detention everyday after that, was pretty fun to cause my friend got kicked out of her class and was in detention also haha the detention teacher didnt give a shit if we talked either

  73. if it is an art teacher that hates anime/manga

    draw an anime/manga charter giving the finger and write FUCK YOU in 3D letters

    an alternative is to annoy her with drawing hentai (anime/manga style porn)

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    Each losers here just figure out what i said ill give 1000000000 miliion dollarrrrrrrsssssssssss

  75. i love being frustated all the time ..!!

    jus speak shit everytime .. and ..poke in others work .

    this will provide a sexxyy result !! ….

    I love UWSB !! ………goooooooooooo goaaaaa !!

  76. I did the play nintendo in class and my teacher came over and started twlling me to put it away and I was like no it at my fave bit you mada fuka and yeah I’m kicked out for 3 months :L it was worth it :D

  77. lol me and my boyfriend started makeing out in class and it totaly worked get in there xx cha ching xx ;)

  78. i hooked up with my bf in class im in 8th grade and now im suspended for 2 weeks (:

  79. im held back now

  80. If it were me – and I myself would never have gotten kicked out intentionally (merely unintentionally I mean), and if I WERE a troublemaker, I’d verbally cause a disturbance by spatting off all kind of cuss words at the teacher then proceed to verbally diss the student-peers who I would be going to school with, then when I’d get to the principal’s office, I would cuss them out so bad they’d WANT me to leave school, period. LOL May get held back a year, but it would be worth it if in fact someone is wanting to get held back intentionally.

  81. OKAY! I’m stuck in this class I HATE!

  82. Jeesh who would do the last one???????????????

  83. i got kicked out for throwing a firework down the school hall

  84. I got kicked out of class for
    1. Back talking big time!!
    2. Leaning my desk up after being told to stop several times
    3. Talking A LOT!

    I get in trouble almost every single day whether if be for talking and laughing or back talking! Oh and Arguing to! I argue with her A LOT over my phone to!!

  85. Haha! I remember my freshman year a guy brought his laptop and started watching porn, he did this everyday for 2 weeks and finally the professor told him to leave and not come back to his class ever.

  86. Put a jumper in my head and danced around

  87. hahahaha lol got kicked out …….. TWICE!! soooo funny got suspended x

  88. I went to live in a box under the stairs then eventually got my dream job working in McDonald’s it’s been my Dream to wok there ever since my mom and dad kicked me out of the house anyway I clean the floors and get payed 1 pound per hour and I only work for 3 hours. I know what your thinking isn’t my life awesome!!!! :):):):)

  89. I like your article! Everything you write for us is useful and very actual.

  90. […] to the controversy of my 7 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Class, I decided to just write a similar story in the hopes of pissing off some more humorless […]

  91. Great article. Thanks to authors

  92. I got kicked out of class because I don’t consentrate and now I have to sit my own with a support teacher at the back of English.i don’t really care because im going to peee her off and get sent out again I don’t care about school an I will never.i take school as fun ways to piss people off`

    kicked out of class ideas
    1.talk back
    2.dont do any work just stare at a wall
    3.laugh for no reason even when she/he tells you to stop
    4.dont concentrate
    5.always ask the same question over and over again.example…. me;whats a homophone/teacher/its a word that sounds the same but spelt different/me whats that/teacher a homophone/me whats that…

    these all work for me and hopefully they work for u good luck and have fun ;)hahaha

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