Gay teen should not be gay, says principal

Homosexuals Are Gay MIAMI — Heather Gillman, a teen student at Ponce De Leon High School is suing the Board of Education and her principal, David Davis. Allegedly, Davis suspended several students for showing “gay pride” as well as told Gillman’s cousin, an admitted lesbian, she should not be gay. The suspensions took place between September 21st and 24th of last year where a group of students peacefully showed their support for gay rights by wearing pro-gay attire to school.

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One Thought on “Gay teen should not be gay, says principal”

  1. KP (19:00:10) :

    The girls were suspended for sexual contact…meaning they were doing vulger and sexual acts on school property….Straight people are suspended every day for that…Heather just wants attention…I know because i go to that school….unfortanatly word spread that he suspended them for being gay…that is not so…he was doing the right thing…

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