get shocked on purpose!

sock selfRemember when you were a little kid and you would stick your baby brother’s fingers into the light socket to see him jump up? No, you weren’t being mean. You were teaching him about electricity. Imagine if he had to get electrocuted by lightning through a kite to discover that.

Well, now that we are in college one would think it would be childish to be doing the same thing. Well, not everybody thinks that. If you still have that desire to shock people (or yourself you sadistic psychopath), then check this out.

It is call vilcus plug dactyloadapter, which pretty much just means idiot shocking machine. You stick your fingers into the holes and plug it into a light socket to get shocked. We even get adapters to use either in European or American light sockets.

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sock self 2

For those of you thinking that this might be uncomfortable, have no fear. The company who made this product was thinking of you.

The holes are spacious enough even for large phalanges and are set apart far enough for the comfort of the user.

I always wanted more comfort when getting shocked and now I have it. Thanks!

sock self 2

This product is on sale here for just $12.99 and it even comes with an adapter for many people to get socked at once through the same sockets. Hey, think how much fun your next party is going to be. Now there is a game to play besides beer pong.

Vilcus plug dactyloadapter [source]


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  1. People in some parts of Mexico (at least parts I’ve been to) pay these children that stand outside with these little machines that they use to shock your arms for a fee, and it supposedly feels real good. I never tried it, but tons of people there do it all the time.

  2. You gotta be kidding me right? What kind of invention is that?? lmao.., this could be better than drugs or even sex.:D

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