Glory Daze – Episode 7 Recap (Season 1)

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Here is what happened on this week’s episode of Glory Daze for those that missed it. If you have not seen the series, be sure to read our introduction to this great show here.

The fraternity’s fall formal is approaching but no hotel in the area will rent them a room due to passed history. The pledges are tasked with getting a room. They pretend to be from the made-up Pro-American Conservative Youth (PACY) organization. It turns out that the organization exists and is very conservative. The hotel manager will even lock their minibars during the formal (now known as the Purity Ball).

Joel has a dream about Christie where they each admit the love they have for each other. He agrees to go on a date with the daughter of mother’s friend’s friend, a crazy girl named Tammy. During their date, Damon and Christie show up and Damon invites Tammy to the dance. Joel later tries to break it off with Tammy, but she begins to cry about her dead cat.

Brian and his girlfriend are having too much sex and their lives are being affected by the lack of sleep. They agree to have less sex and instead decide to play a game of chess. During the game, they touch hands, and of course it leads to more sex.

Jason and Julie are very excited about the formal. Jason reserves the honeymoon suite but when they get to the hotel, the room is taken by a band member (the band is called Anal Conundrum) on his wedding night.

Meanwhile, Eli is stood up at the movies and instead watches Top Gun by himself. He falls in love with the movie and decides he wants to become Maverick (from the movie). He starts dressing like him and even gets Joel to join a ROTC class with him for the “easy A”. During a presentation in the class, Eli and Joel catch Chang, who was helping them with the presentation, on fire. Eli eventually makes it up to the teacher by sticking up for Joel.

The fraternity plans how they are going to get alcohol into the Purity Ball. They come up with all sorts of 007 gizmos with all hold alcohol: a pen, a flower, and a book about the first lady.

During the dance, Joel sees Christie naked in his room (she was changing there since her room was being used for the pre-game party). They talk and everything is alright. Eli comes dressed as a Navy officer and gets a girl to (almost) have sex with him. There is a fight outside between the members of Anal Conundrum and the frat. The fight was started by Jason and the band’s lead member due to the missing bride’s maid (the one Eli is about to sleep with). Julie is impressed that Jason stood up for her. The hotel manager walks in and gets a little mad at the drinking and the fighting but gets knocked out. The band now does not have a priest to marry them so Reno decides to help them out and marries them.

The final episode of Glory Daze airs next Tuesday night at 10/9c on TBS. Be sure to check back in two weeks for an awesome Glory Daze-inspired contest!

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