How to Handle the Roommate from Hell

This guest post is written by Leon Harris who writes for Attract Women where you can find tips and advice on meeting, dating, and talking to women.

We all want to believe that college is going to be an amazing and revelatory experience that will help us to come out of our shell, grow up, and become the awesome adult we were meant to be. And of course, you hope that your new roommates will become your BFF. Unfortunately, most college students have only ever lived with people who love them (a family) and are willing to put up with their personality flaws. This means that they are ill-prepared to make the concessions necessary to make living with a stranger a workable situation. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a roommate who is gone most of the time. More likely, though, you’ll get stuck with someone who seems like the roommate from hell.

In this case, you really only have two options; you can either make every effort to get along with your new roommate or one of you can move out. The former option is probably the best course of action. Honing your interpersonal skills and learning to play nice with others is an important ability that will serve you well when you get out into the real world and have to deal with demanding bosses and incompetent coworkers. Plus, you will probably find that if you make an effort to interact with your roommate and get to know them, you have some interests in common that you can bond over (even if it turns out that the only thing you agree on is the fact that you are supremely annoyed by the loud and frequent activities of your neighbor and his girlfriend).

Of course, there’s always the other way. But you don’t want to be the one to leave. Finding a new dorm could be difficult and you will probably end up crammed in with even more people that you don’t get along with. Better the devil you know than the one you don’t, right? And while spending all day and night at the library or in the common room certainly allows you to get your homework done, you’d really rather have the comfort of your own room. This means you will have to find a way to get rid of your current roommate. To this end, you might be tempted to resort to a number of underhanded methods of getting your roomie from hell to jump ship, such as perpetuating habits that you know drive them crazy (snoring, playing loud music while they study, mimicking everything they say, etc.). You could also lay a tape line down the center of the room and then move it closer to their side every time they leave (so that your half of the room gradually gets bigger).

There are all kinds of devious ways to mess with your roommate’s head until you drive them crazy (and ultimately, drive them away). But this is pretty childish. Why not just ask them to leave? They’re probably just as fed up with you as you are with them. If you see them as the roommate from hell, they may see you the same way. In any case, you’re going to have to face your problem head on if you want to solve it in any kind of constructive way. By confronting your roommate with a list that details their many flaws, you might just open the door for a conversation that could lead to a positive outcome, one in which you reach an understanding so that neither party finds themselves looking for a different room.

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