HD-DVD is Toast!

Engadget, the popular gadget website, just put HD-DVD on their “deathwatch.”

HD-DVD looked promising with it’s slightly lower price range, but with Sony’s continual push of Blu-ray technology, HD-DVD looks pretty beat. It might be due to lack of studio support for HD-DVD, with Blu-ray now holding about 70% of newly released titles. Warner gave Blu-ray an little extra bump when they went Blu-ray only. Maybe, it was the two largest movie rental companies, Netflix and Blockbuster, following suit and also going Blu-ray only. It also could have been the higher quality of Blu-ray movies, with a single disk being able to hold two to four times more infomation than an HD-DVD disk. Perhaps, it was even the Playstation 3 that helped Blu-ray. Just kidding.


[Source: Engadget]

[Image credit: Travis Church]

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