How to finish your college homework fast

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Like many of you, I love learning and reading. But doing my college homework is another story.

Don’t get me wrong, I always finish my paper on time. But it’s not my vibe [Writing homework can drag you].

I mean, back when I was in college, I had to watch ‘How High’ over and again to skip doing my assignment.

Damn… I wish there is a way to kill that thing; the homework.

Anyway, homework will be part of your life. Did I say life? I meant it. Even after college you will find yourself with homework. Not the best thing that can happen to you, but you must find a way of dealing with it.

So I thought, why not show you how to deal with it fast. I find myself rushing to finish mine the last minute.

Here is how you finish your college homework fast:

Take a deep breath

I am serious! You have 2 hours to finish the college homework. What good can you do to yourself than taking a deep breath? Of course you don’t have time to meditate.

It helps you to think well since it makes your mind prepared and ready. Hey…don’t take 20 minutes to inhale. Only 2 minutes. When you take a deep breath, it also removes the fear in you. It feels nervous when the clock is ticking and the assignment is due.

Heat some coffee.

Coffee is the secret weapon for concentration. If you want to finish that homework fast, you have to concentrate. So you need a cup of coffee.

Scientists have proofed that coffee is the most preferred performance booster. Besides, it is known to boost the memory. Ooh I would love to do that assignment off my head. You know…like the genius with an IQ of 160.

Close your room

You want to write that college homework without disturbance, right? Close the door and switch off your phone.

I know it hurts to see your phone off, but it’s the only way. You have 1 hour and few minutes remaining remember?

So you have to keep off distractions.

Divide your homework

I will use an example so that it is easy for you to understand.

You have 5 questions to finish in 90 minutes. May be out of the 5 questions, you can easily answer 3 questions but you have no clue about the other two.

This means that you have two high priority questions.

Here is how you do it; divide 90 by 5. If all questions had the same weight, you would take exactly 18 minutes to finish each question.

Since these questions are not equal, why don’t you give two question 20 minutes each? That is 40 minutes for two questions, yes? You remain with 50 minutes. Then give the other three questions 12 minutes each [36 minutes for all 3 questions]. This will leave you with 12 minutes to proofread and edit your work.

Time yourself

When I told you to give each question 18 minutes, I meant it. You have your alarm clock with you, right? Keep it next to you as you write. That way, you will see the deadline approach minute by minute.

If you have not finished your question by the 18th minute, stop and proceed to the next question.

You can use the remaining 12 minutes to finish off the remaining parts.

Motivate yourself

After a long day at school, doing college homework is hell on earth. But to finish it fast, you need motivation. How do you motivate yourself with all the distractions around you?

First, you can think about the consequences of not doing the paper on time. For instance, you will get a low grade and be laughed at by your peers.

Secondly, you can reward yourself. Say if you finish the college homework on time, you will spare enough time to do what you love; play basketball or watch TV. In short, belief you can do it and everything will be easy.

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