How to have fun at a college in a small town

Where’s the party at? Are there even enough places open on the weekend here in Rando-ville for me to enjoy my college experience? Am I doomed to four years alone on my couch? I’m from a big city, so how will I stay sane in this town? All of these are valid questions—no, really! Many US college students have committed to spending some of the best years of their lives in some of the country’s tiniest towns and cities. College is meant to be enjoyed, and that can be done from even the tiniest of salt-of-the-earth places.

Life is good, it will all work out!

Perspective is everything. Seriously, everything. If you say you will hate your school, your life, your roommate…you will. Start by changing your perspective in little ways. Change how you perceive your worst enemy, yourself, an aspect of the world around you that just gets under your skin, whatever. Then learn how to love the place where you attend school. This may require bigger changes in your thought processes, but work up to it.  The time for us to learn HOW to change and grow is now and it can start as soon as you commit, or recommit. Feeling inspired yet?


A fraternity/sorority, a collegiate or organized sports team, a club, or even a cool place to work…find a crew to latch onto! There is a particular beauty when a group of people comes together to spend time while united under a common purpose or skill set. Activity is the lifeblood of a happy life, and whatever organization you choose to join can give you a purpose and a set of responsibilities that will help you occupy your time in a meaningful way. You will establish lifelong relationships. Totally what you expected from college, right?

Treat yo’self

Be present-minded and love where you are. But, don’t be afraid to explore a bit. It’s best to tell it straight…sometimes you go stir-crazy in smaller places. It can be therapeutic and necessary to take a trip every few weekends to refill the tank and experience a change of scenery. Plus, who doesn’t love the memories made on a solid road trip? You aren’t confined to your town; the world is a big place. Take the time to see some of it!

Be True to Your School

The Beach Boys said it best…let your colors fly. Take pride in the school you attend. Whether it was your first choice or last, you will be representing that university the rest of your life; when you put that degree on your resume or when someone at work asks you where you went to school. Own it! Go to football games, or if your football team sucks then go to basketball games, or change the things you don’t like about the school by protesting on campus. Each school has its individual niche and community, and the sooner you buy in and develop an emotional connection to the place you attend school, the more enriched your college experience will be.
Or you can spend the next four years thinking about how lame your town is. Up to you. The fun is awaiting, and remember that what you put in is what you get out!

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