“Alternative” Energy Sources

I believe alternative energy is a must for our future, and if we don’t get on this wagon we are going to be left behind. We should be proactive and not leave it up to politicians or the corporate empire to decide when is the right time to switch energy sources. By the time their interests coincide with the general human population, it will be too late.

The informative video below is an episode from “Big Ideas for a Small World.” It covers some of what is happening on the front of alternative energy development. The benefits of solar, wind, and methane are discussed as well as the problems with coal.

8 Thoughts on ““Alternative” Energy Sources”

  1. Nice article Chris! I am happy that you decided to post about something that actually matters. Just some comments about the site: I like that you dont need to put your email address anymore to post a comment. I dont like how I couldnt pause the video above. The video is long and I wanted to take a break at halfway. I dont like the design much. I have been coming to this site for about two months and the design is something that always bothered me. Bottom line: nice job!

  2. thx for the free tv show!

  3. Well, my internet connection sucks at the moment, so I couldn’t watch the video. You’re right about needing to find alternative energy sources though. Problem is, we’ve waited so long to do it–everyone ignored Jimmy Carter’s advice to start finding new sources of energy once the ’73 oil crisis was over, and now that we’ve reached peak oil, we’re basically fucked. All the current possibilities for alternative fuel are actually energy-negative; they require more energy to produce than you can get from them. Another video I’d recommend on the topic is “The End of Suburbia,” if you can find it at a video store or on the internet.

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