imprison your boss

Has your boss been making you work harder than you deem apropriate? Is he slacking off and making you do some of his work? Well then, pull this off and make him or her stay more time at work. The only problem is that once they figure out how to get out, you might not work there any longer (if they find out it was you).

Note: Do not try to lock your boss at work (unless he really is a prick). I was only kidding.

2 Thoughts on “imprison your boss”

  1. and I thought filling up the bosses cubicle with styrofoam peanuts was funny.

  2. I feel bosses spin facts and manipulate employees to get what they. I feel that it would be interesting to use
    Philip Zimbardo’s Research to get the these bosses to
    fall upon their sword. Amy suggestions? Filling a cubicle with styrofoam seems too simple.

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