Booze Reviews: Killian’s Irish Red

killian’s irish red Inspired by Nick, I have decided to write a booze review as well. I will be featuring my new favorite beer this summer: Killian’s Irish Red. Even though it is made by Coors it is not on the cheap side (or the expensive side). It comes out to about $1.25 if you buy it from the super market (unless you live in a state like Massachusetts where beer cannot be sold in super markets).

I am usually one who likes the lighter beers, but Killian’s Irish Red is a dark beer with a light taste. Although slightly more bitter (due to the hops) than I normally go for, the taste is exceptional. I could drink these all day.

Jump to find out what I think about the head, smell and color.

The head is my favorite part of beer. Although almost no beer I have ever had compares to Brazilian tap beer, the head on Killian’s is pretty good. If gives you a nice foam if you poor it into a cup, but quickly goes away so drink fast.

Smell is another of my pet peeves when it comes to beer. Killian’s smells somewhat malty with a bit of hops and a little sweetness added in for extra flavor. Not too bad at all.

Obviously, the beer has a reddish color, which is super neat. It looks good in a glass as well as a bottle in your hand. Why does that matter? It makes you look cool, of course.

Note: This is more of a casual drink for an after dinner party, not particularly a beer for a hot summer day (although it can be used for that as well).

4 stars

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  1. It’s beer! Hooray beer! That reminds me, I need to buy and review Red Stripe.

    Killian’s isn’t my favorite beer, but it served its purpose admirably when we went to the stores late on St. Paddy’s Day and they were all out of Guinness. Good review.

  2. Thanks Nick. You know, Red Stripe is perhaps the strangest beer I have seen. Can’t wait to see the review.

  3. so i was at a small house party tonight and had a beer that looked all fancy and i’m not a huge beer fan (mostly only liking cheap watery ones) but i really liked it. It happened to be Killian’s Irish Red. Then i get on college being to see you reviewed it a year ago but i love that the connection is still there. yay beer : )

  4. Just tried this beer for the first time about 2 weeks ago and I loved it. I’m not a beer drinker, although I do believe I’m starting to acquire a taste for it. I thought this beer was so smooth and had such a great taste. I believe I have found my beer of choice. I tried this on draught, but I’m sure it tastes just slightly different in the bottle. Can’t wait to get it again!

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