Lower Back Tattoo Remover

Ah yes, lower back tattoos are super hot on young college-age girls, but not so much on middle-age moms. The following video takes a humorous look at what not many girl out there think about: What is going to happen to my tattoo in twenty years?

My favorite line is “Studies show that next to smoking and having sex, getting a lower back tattoo is the best thing a young woman can do to be cool.” What’s yours?


5 Thoughts on “Lower Back Tattoo Remover”

  1. “Your not young anymore. Your not even close.”

  2. “And that slight discoloration will be the only thing to remind you of that crazy weekend in Jamaica. Well, maybe not the only thing.”


  3. my favorite line is after she apploes it she goes MOTHERF***

  4. I loved seeing this…
    Everything about this is great…
    Loved seeing it on SNL..loved seeing it here

  5. Yeah, I thought this was pretty funny.

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