– so nothing unexpected ever happens

map my is a website that allows you to completely map out your entire run before you even start. They take into account unpredictabilities such as need to go to the rest room, the sudden urge to stretch, or a place to get aids (the good kind).

The website runs off some kind of Google Maps engine so you should already know how it works. It has the same zoom function, the ability to change from map mode to satellite mode or a mixture of both.

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A very cool feature is that you can see exactly how long your run is. I found out the run I do every week around the golf course is an amazing 5.33 miles (see picture). You can also look up runs that other people have made, make your own to share, or just click on two points and have the program create a simple run for you. Very customizable and very cool. Every college student should check this out and actually go run to make your life healthier.

[source: our friends at HackCollege]

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