Nerds: Making Things More Complicating Since 1974

1974: The first PC invented. We all thought our lives were good with normal non-HD non-satellite TV, tape and record players, and regular house phones (half of which didn’t even have a buttons). Now here comes the PC. I am attached to my computer because of work and I am thankful as my computer gives me work, but before the PC, life was simpler. (P.S. This is just a guess as I am not that old. This is a college website you old fogies!)

2008: Nerds make ordering pizza three to the third power times more complicating. It’s called Pizza Party. You can now order Domino’s Pizza through your computer using terminal. Woo hoo! I was waiting for this day since my first days of playing with DOS. Why waste that whole minute on the phone? Spend it on your computer since you love your computer and cannot bare being away from it. You nerd!

[Download Pizza Party here] [via]

5 Thoughts on “Nerds: Making Things More Complicating Since 1974”

  1. Behold, the power of Linux.

  2. That’s what I thought too, but did you notice he was using Windows? Lol.

  3. Where at? That’s definitely a bash shell, and if you check the download link it’s in tarball format.

  4. Yeah it’s bash, but he is running it on Windows, right? See 1:32.

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